Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tyler is 2!

Tyler is 2!

Tyler, mommy and daddy are not sure how you got this old. Where did the time go? You are our precious angel! You are truly a miracle sent from God and we love you so much!

Growth: You are growing so much! We go next week for your 2 year check-up and I can not wait to see all your stats. Your weight is close to 28.6 pounds (you were weighed not long ago). You are getting so tall it is hard to believe.

Language: You are starting to talk so much! You are saying new words every day and I love it! I love watching you grow and mature! Your favorite word right now is "no" it is not always my favorite! HA! But you are very cute saying to every single question sometimes! HA! We are still working with you on asking for what you want.

Sleep: This subject is touch and go! You are not digging naps but still needing it some days and not others. I am not sure that I am ready for no naps from you but I am not going to make you scream for hours if you are not tired and not whining. Bedtime had been going amazing then all of sudden it went all wrong. We are still doing your routine but you do not want to go to sleep, at all! We tried several things and for a week you ran in the playroom till you just stopped, then we went several days where you would only go to sleep if I was holding you while sitting on the couch. I even had to sleep with you all night like that several nights because it was the ONLY way you would sleep. We tried the crying it out method and I have read all the books they just do not work well on you. I, for one, can not handle the crying out method nor can Jon. Apparently neither can you because we went for almost 2 hours one night and you would not give in at all. We did try to soothe you and it only made it worse. The last couple of nights after bath we have been reading your bible stories as a family and then daddy and I have to sit beside your bed and sing songs to you until you are asleep or otherwise you scream and scream. Poor guy!

Food: Picky Little Eater! Typical toddler! You are still a grazer and your daddy hates it! HA! Some days I can not give you enough food and then some days we have to beg for you to eat. We even use the "you can play outside if you eat your dinner" to get you to attempt to eat. You refuse to sit in a high chair at a restaurant. You cry the whole time but you do so well sitting in a booth beside mommy or daddy! I do not know of any foods that you will not eat which is a great thing. Yogurt is a favorite and we buy lots of "Nemo" gummy snacks. You will NOT drink plain water it has to have a little juice in it or you are not having it no matter how hot or thirsty you are. You love chicken and steak and you also really like Mexican.

Bottle: We can not get rid of these things! UGH! I have tried so many times, so many times and you are not having it. You can go with out it during the day but when you are sleepy all you want is it. We have tried sippy cups and you will screw the top off and pour it out. You are stubborn and can be very set in your ways. You are very funny about cups in general and always have been. You loved your Dr. Brown bottles from day one but we really struggled with sippy cups. I have bought in the last 2 years every type of sippy or straw cup that is made. You do have a favorite cup and some days will only drink out of it. You love the Nuk Pirate Cups. You are a little like mommy and like the expensive stuff $5.oo a cup is not my favorite especially when you throw one under a table at a restaurant and I don't realize it. We have lost 2 over the past couple of months.

Clothes: You are wearing size 4 diapers and I am pretty sure you may wear that size for a while. You are still wearing shirts that are 12-18 months and some 24 months. Shorts you are wearing 9 to 12 months. Because of your waist size I had thought you would be able to wear some of the pants that you never got to wear last winter because they were still to big but I tried all of your 18 month pants on and none of them fit! :( Even a pair of pants you wore 3 weeks ago are now a inch too short. You hit a growth spurt and now I need to go buy pants! A lot of your shirts and sweaters from last fall and winter still fit and some are still loose. We have one pair of longall's that fit right now. Time to shop for Fall clothes for my little guy!

Today is your party and I can not wait! You have been enjoying some of your presents a little early but I can not wait to see you play with all of them with some of your friends! Mommy and Daddy love you so much and love how much you are growing

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