Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Present for me

At our yard sale a few weeks ago I sold our Kirby vacuum. I/We HATED that thing! No it was not worth the money! It was so heavy I could hardly move it around, the belts broke all the time and it was so confusing changing everything out. I was tired of it and wanted to get rid of it and that was the perfect opportunity and got rid it for a great price. Now we were left without a vacuum. I knew brand that I wanted but had a really hard time picking which model. I wanted a Dyson and I decided to get the DC33. I like the animal but the price difference was huge and all the reviews I read stated the only difference was a attachment. I ordered the attachment and bought the one I got for way less than the animal and I LOVE IT! I am totally converted and hoping I am not buying a new vacuum for a very long, long time!

I also picked up some Dyson Dyzolv Spot Cleaner off of Amazon. This stuff is amazing. Our house has the cheapest, most horrible carpet with stains that I have tried everything on and this worked in minutes! I was super impressed. This is seriously worth every penny!

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