Tuesday, December 7, 2010

15 months

Photo by Rissie B Photography

On December 3rd Tyler turned 15 months. This hurt my heart a little I can not believe how fast he is growing up. I mean I feel like I have blinked and my sweet baby that was so tiny has grown into a little boy. He is getting taller and leaner and looks like a little boy. He has tons of energy and is into everything. I mean EVERYTHING!!! He is full on boy! His daddy LOVES it!
Tyler is in love with animals especially dogs. Mocha and Tyler are becoming best friends. Tyler loves to chase her and he even tries to ride her. Mocha is not to sure about the riding part. HAHA. He also loves to take her lips and pull them up to look at her teeth. He just laughs and laughs playing with Mocha. In turn my mom, dad, and I have had some of the best laughs watching this as well.

Tyler is very mechanical with his hands. He can and does get into everything. He can take off all child proof locks, no matter what kind, and does constantly. He can open some doors by the handles now and loves, loves shutting doors. My mom has a swing door in her shower and he loves opening it and getting in the shower and swinging the door back and forth. All his toys need to go into the shower as well! They never seem to leave the shower with him though. He has learned to actually put the blocks back on his mega block table finally, but he still loves for us to put them on and him to knock them down and throw them over his shoulder. It is so fun watching him advance in playing with all his toys. He is getting so smart.

Speaking of toys I am not buying anymore (Just kidding). His favorite toys are empty coke bottles, specifically my mom's empty Sunkist bottles. He drags them all over the house and don't dare throw one away because he will get it out of the trash. He is a HOT MESS! He is also really starting to like cardboard boxes. Crazy what kids play with.

Tyler went through a 3 week whiny phase, well so I thought it was a phase. I was glad to find out that he had cut 3 teeth. Thats right 3 more teeth in his poor little mouth. The Sunday after Thanksgiving he turned into the happy little boy I knew. Thank goodness!!! We have had the best time playing and laughing. His little personality is starting to shine and I LOVE IT! He is so cute and adorable. He also has his daddy's sense of humor. I am going to be outnumbered when his daddy gets home. He has started talking a lot more and will talk your ears off at any given time.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband that works so hard and sacrificies so much so that I can stay home with this sweet little boy. I don't know that I could do it any other way. I love every minute of being home with him even when I want to pull all my hair out!

We Love you very much, Mommy and Daddy


- Tyler is still wearing size 3 diapers but sleeps in a size 4 night time diaper! (Keeps mommy from changing sheets every day, every single day)

-He is 31 inches long from the best measurement I can take

-He weighs

-He is in size 18 month longalls and wearing 12-18 month clothes. He still has some 9 month pants that fit though. Most 18 month shirts the sleeves have to be rolled up as with the pants.

-He wears a size 5 wide shoe.

-His favorite shoes are his Mooshu's. He LOVES the squeekers.

-Your hair is getting so long and starting to curl up! It is time for a haircut! (Hurry home Daddy)

-Your red hair is so BEAUTIFUL

-Tyler still will not drink milk out of a sippy. He now will take the lid off the sippy and pour out the milk until you give him a bottle with the milk in it! I have a MONSTER on my hands!

-Tyler has a mouth full of teeth! We have front 4, top and bottom. You skipped your eye teeth and cut the ones beside it on top and one on bottom. But you did break one of your eye teeth through finally. So you have a total of 12 teeth!

-Tyler wakes up at 7:30 every morning, every morning like clock work. Some mornings you want to get up and play and some mornings you want a bottle and to sleep till 10:30-11. (Mommy loves those mornings, HA) (I love playing with him also)

-You are a morning person. You play the hardest in the morning and lunch time. I love it!

-You love to swing! Your sweet PopPop put you a swing in the sunroom so we can swing everyday with going out in the cold.

-Tyler can give some major high fives, and loves for you to clap for him about everything.

-He loves to tell you no, even when he means yes

-He totally ignores the word no when you try to warn him about harmful things. This should be fun when daddy gets home.

-He got his daddy's determination and his mommy's temper! YAY! (Note Sarcasm) This should also be fun when daddy gets home.

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