Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photos with SANTA

November 13th we took Tyler to have photos with Santa at my favorite photographer! I use Rissie B Photography! She does AMAZING work and I could not ask for anyone to be sweeter and understanding. I love how she realizes that kids are kids and babies are babies and sometimes they take time. She never gets frustrated (or at least she does not show it). We showed up for our Santa photos and Tyler was not even going in the same room with Santa. I thought at this point it was over we were coming home with him screaming in a photo or no photos at all. She let the next group come in early and we could go after them. We calmed Tyler down and when they were done we tried it all over again. Still he was not having it. Finally Santa got in the corner and we sat Tyler in his chair and he was all smiles. Poor kid had no idea Santa was behind him. LOVE IT!!! We got some great shots and even some cute ones of him playing with the Christmas Tree! Just let me say if you live anywhere close to Oxford, AL you must contact this lady and go get photos!!! I will always drive home and let her take our photos! She does amazing work and is so easy to work with.

Love you Tirissa!

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Jen said...

Such a precious picture!