Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Years Road Trip

Tyler is getting to go meet all of Jon's side of the Family. I am so excited!!! I love to travel but I was a little slow to jump on this trips bandwagon. I was worried about Tyler being in the car so long and also him being in the cold weather. He gets sick so easy but we are going to be cautious and we are going. So up North we go the week after Christmas!!!!
The day after Christmas we are headed to Richmond, Virginia to stay the night and some of the next day. We are stopping to see Bob's brother and his wife.
After lunch we are heading to Baltimore, Maryland to meet Jon's sisters new fiance and his parents. We will have dinner and stay the night. It will be nice to meet them and get to know them a little better.After breakfast the next day we are heading to Hagerstown, Maryland to visit for several days. a lot of Jon's moms family live there. We will go visit her mother in the nursing home and see her sister and some of her family. There is also a AMAZING park there. Hopefully it will not be to cold to take Tyler to see it! It will be so great to see all of the family and for them to get to meet little Tyler for the first time!One day we will also drive to Staunton, VA to go and visit Bob's sisters. This will be a long trip but so worth it! We will get to spend a lot of quality time with Jon's parents and I can not pass on the chance of letting Tyler meet everyone in the family.

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