Thursday, December 9, 2010

Great Day

So my husband has been deployed for almost 11 months now and we have not had the opportunity to skype the whole deployment until yesterday. Where he works he has not had access because of his office having classified items in it. But he was able to find somewhere and borrowed someones camera and we got to skype. Yesterday his camera and mic did not work but he could see us and hear us. So we read what he typed but today was the day! His video camera worked. I HAVE NOT SEEN HIS FACE SINCE JULY!!!! Well I see it in pictures but you know what I mean! He was amazed at how much Tyler had grown and was dying laughing watching him play and get into everything. This may not mean much to anyone else but for me and Tyler it was a amazing day. Tyler cried the first few minutes because he could not touch daddy. He kept trying to climb on the computer to touch his daddy! I am now on the BIG countdown to when I can see his face in real life and I can not wait for Tyler to be able to touch his daddy and give him a big hug! NOT LONG NOW!!!!!

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