Friday, February 4, 2011

Bass Pro Shop

It is so nice having the husband home! Yesterday we decided to spend some time together as a family and go on a date with Tyler. We drove to Nashville to visit Jons favorite store, the Bass Pro Shop. We had a great time! Tyler enjoyed playing in the cart, looking at the fish, running all over, climbing in every boat, and driving Jons favorite ones! Jon picked up some lures he liked and a fish shelf for the office.

Empty Sonic cups are fun.

Big Bear

Daddy and Tyler

Look at all those fish

Mommy and Tyler

Loved standing on ledge

Jumping to Daddy

Driving super fast

After leaving there we went and wondered through the Mall of Green Hills. I love it there! Tyler needed a nap but decided to look at everything and everyone. We had a lovely dinner for 3 at the Cheesecake Factory. Tyler was perfect! He entertained us the whole time and he loves the baby plate they bring with bananas and bread.

Overall we had a wonderful day!!!!

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