Friday, February 11, 2011

Date Day

So excited Hubby has a 4 day weekend! I LOVE Them! Today Tyler woke us up at 5AM! Yeah it was not fun and we convinced him to lay in between us in our bed with Disney Channel on the TV and milk in his hands and we all fell back to sleep! Thank Goodness!!!! I do not function at that time in the morning! HA! We got to wake up at our normal time. We talked and decided to spend the day in Nashville for a date day. After showers and all of us getting ready downstairs we went where Tyler had a Valentine box waiting. Lolli and Pop had sent a BIG bag of M&M's. He was so excited! He got Jon to open them immediately!

Our trip started off not so well 30 miles away and we get stuck in heavy non moving traffic. We pass a really bad wreck involving several different vehicles to only get stuck in stand still traffic again. We were getting frustrated to say the least. Pass a car, a salt truck and a police officer on the side of the road! Finally we are moving and realized the sippy I got for Tyler has leaked. Well leak does not describe it! His pants are soaked and the sippy was upside down on top of the diaper bag. Thank goodness his waterproof hat was on top and held all the juice from getting in my bad. We have to detour to stop and buy Tyler new pants because he is soaked and it was in the low 30's! Not cool but we survived. The day got better after that! HA!

We went to downtown Nashville and ate at Margaritaville. It was so yummy! We got this amazing Crab dip appetizer and then we could not decide what we wanted to so Jon got "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and I got the Grouper sandwich and we split them! Both we very good! Tyler got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and we learned he does not like grape jelly, at all. He would not eat the jelly side and did not even like it on his fingers. He made a mess but was as sweet as a angel the whole time we were in there! I was AMAZED! Best meal I have ever had with him out in public and he is not bad out in public at all. It was great and he ate part of his peanut butter sandwich, french fries and loved his child cup!

After Lunch Bass Pro Shop here we come! Tyler feel asleep in the car and we got him out of his car seat carefully and laid him down in the Bob stroller and we had a nice little shopping trip. He woke up after a nice nap with us still in the Bass Pro! HA! He loved looking at all the fish in the tank and we let him walk with us and he entertained everyone in the store! We had the best time playing with him and watching him walking around.

Next we had no idea what to do. The Zoo would have been fun, even though it was cool outside, but it was closed because of all the snow that we still have. Sad. So we googled things to do and found a mall that was suppose to have a indoor playground. Off on our adventure we went. Well it was a flop. Horrible mall, scary bathrooms, and playground was not acceptable. We walked through and went back to the car. Oh well, you live and you learn. HA!

We decided to drive back to Clarksville and go get some yummy pizza at Old Chicago. We had another successful dinner with Tyler! YAY! He did not want to eat in his high chair but had a wonderful time standing in the booth next to Jon. He had some hot dog and some pizza and we got to eat our food in peace! Good times had by all!

The rest of our weekend will consist of cleaning out the Garage and doing some more organizing in the house! I am sure it will lots of fun! Not! But it seriously needs to be done! Have fun!

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