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Monday, February 21, 2011

We've Moved

This is very overdue. On January 7th as I was packing my car to get ready to head back to Fort Campbell our rental company called to tell me that the whole house had flooded. I was in complete tears and having a complete panic attack. I called my Mom, then immediately called our insurance company. I talked to many people that day. It was a very long day! I also got on the Internet and started searching for a new house. I needed one ASAP. I didn't know what to do and I didn't know if everything we owned was ruined or not. All I could do was pray that we would survive this.

I packed Tyler a overnight bag and took him to Jon's parents house and Saturday morning my parents took me up to see the house. I also met with a real estate agent to look at possible new houses. First we looked in the same range we had been paying and I came to the conclusion the house we had been living in was a complete steal! Houses in that range were WAY to small and were not going to work at all. She took me back to her office and we up the price range and found some I thought I would like. We went to see two of them and I liked both. So she took me back to my old house where my sweet parents had been loading all of our clothes, pictures, and treasured items in my dad's truck.

I thought I would cry walking in but I was in complete shock. All the sheet rock in the ceilings had fallen down and was all over everything. The kitchen was not horrible but the dining room suffered most of the damage. The pipes burst right above it leaving our table flooded. The Living room was pretty bad on one side and had some moisture on the other side but not as bad. Everything in coat closet was COVERED in mold and one of Jon's red coats had bleed on a lot of things. The master bedroom did not get a ton of water just some on the entryway in the carpet. Thank goodness!

Upstairs was not as bad as I thought. The guest bedroom the floors were wet but the room was not to bad. The Guest/Tyler's bathroom was horrible. It was where the pipe burst and everything in it was soaked. My aqua rugs were white as if they had been bleached. My linen closet the bottom two shelves everything was really wet. It was so cold they had all froze together. Next up was Tyler's room and it was wet. We were not sure if the furniture was going to be salvageable or not and the rug was ruined (as were all of our rugs). My craft room had no damage and no water! Thank goodness.

The basement was when I lost it. I cried all the way down the stairs. Everything was in water. Water over my feet. Jon's gun cabinet was covered in mold but his guns were okay. I would have died if they would have been messed up, just died. Everything down there was so wet. We did have 3 bookshelves down there that the backing was bowing but were not that wet. And nothing on its shelves were messed up.

After seeing everything we left. We had gotten out what we could for the day and we were frozen solid. Especially my parents since they were exposed longer than me. The high that day was in the 20's and the power was off. BRRRRR. Also we were having snow flurries! We were literally frozen. We got some late lunch and drove back to Alabama since they were expecting bad weather on Sunday and I had a lot to think about.

More to come and the Blessings God provided.

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Miranda said...

I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. The pics are so sad. Glad you guys are ok though. I am praying for y'all!