Monday, February 21, 2011

Were Moving Part 2

Saturday after getting back from Clarksville I sat down and looked at the two houses that I liked. I also let both of my parents look at them with me. I wanted the right house for us that we would fit into and be relaxed in. I also really wanted a house that Jon would like. This frightened me because I had not been able to talk to him yet and knew in my heart that I should not tell him till I had secured a new home and knew more about what was going on. He did not need anything else to worry about while in a war zone especially that his wife and child were now homeless.
Sunday I got up and went to church and the first place I went was the nursery I wanted to see my sweet baby! It was so glad to see his little smiling face. His smile made all the bad go away. That afternoon I let my in-laws see the 2 choices of houses and get their opinions. They also wanted to hear all about the flooded house. While telling them I really made my choice and knew what I was going to do. I felt at peace with my decision on the house that it was the best choice for our family. It was more than what we had been paying but it was still in our allowance and a almost brand new house.

Monday morning I called the realty company to see what I needed to do about renting the house. They were so nice and emailed me the application and allowed me to email it back to them. They called that afternoon to let me know that they had accepted it and the house was ours. I let them know that I would be up Thursday to pay and get the house as we were snowed and iced in.

The next few days I worried. I worried if we had anything salvageable and when I was going to get to talk to Jon. I also worried about getting all of our stuff moved. I prayed that everything would go smoothly and that everything would be okay. I also prayed that we could save as much as possible.

Wednesday afternoon Jon's parents came to get Tyler and help load some things in the car to bring up on Friday. I finished packing my car, took a shower, had dinner, and went to bed. I got up early Thursday morning and grabbed what was still in the house and left to go pick up my friend, Leah. She was riding up with me for emotional support and some help getting ready for everyone coming up on Friday. We made really good time getting up there and the roads were not as bad as thought. We saw some icy patches on I20 but once we got to I65 they had snowplowed the roads. We went straight to the realty and signed the new papers and got the keys. Next place was the water and then the power. We were starving so we stopped at Subway to grab a quick sandwich. After lunch we went to the new house to empty my car and then went to the old house to load as much as possible before the sun went down. We were busy loading and packing when I got a phone call that the plumber was waiting on me at the new house. So Leah stayed at the old house packing and I left to go meet him. I was there longer than I expected and it was getting dark when I got back to Leah so we started packing the car as fast and tight as we could. I dropped one of my treasured candle stands that my husband gave me. I almost cried. I picked up every little piece because I was determined I was going to glue back together. After getting all that we could possibly squeeze in the car we drove back to the new house and unloaded the car again. After warming up Mexican was calling our name and I needed to go to Walmart. We were EXHAUSTED but was not prepared for how tired we were going to be after everything was over the next few days.

Friday morning we got up, got ready, ate a little and headed to the old house to start loading more stuff before my parents got there. We were not there 30 minutes before they called that they were getting off the interstate. So we got what we could and headed back to the new house. My sweet parents were there to help me move. My dad also brought 3 of his workers with him so that we could get this stuff loaded and packed as fast as possible. It was freezing cold again outside but we unloaded my jeep, moms expedition, and my dad's truck. Then back to the old house we went. We started loading everything possible in my jeep, the expedition, my dad's truck and our huge covered trailer. When we were delivering the first load back my in-laws got there and had my sweet little boy with them. Mary Ann stayed at the new house watching Tyler and helping start washing everything, while Bob went with us to start loading more stuff in his expedition. We went till after 6 and it was so dark we could not see anything. We still had the whole basement and a lot of stuff up stairs still. We had failed our goal of moving everything in one day. I went and got pizza to feed everyone then my dad took his workers to get a room. The rest of us crashed at the new house. Tyler would not sleep. He would only sleep if I would only sleep if I was holding him. After several tries and him screaming for hours I got him back asleep and I decided to go lay back down on the air mattress with Leah and Mocha. We got up early and headed to finish up moving everything. The St. John's and Leah had to leave by 9 AM and they were taking my sweet little boy back with them so that Mom and I could get stuff done. I hated to let them take him but it needed to happen so that I could get what needed to be done fast. My Dad and his workers finished up and left around 1pm. Mom and I sat on the love seat in complete silence. We could not move we were so tired. Mom went and picked up lunch at Wendy's and we sat and watched a movie. She wanted to rest and I wanted a bath so we did both. Later we went to get dinner and run to check on the fire that was still burning at the old house. We also picked up a few things a Lowe's for the new house.

Over the next few days my Mom and I scrubbed, washed, scrubbed, washed, wiped and cleaned everything. My mom is a miracle worker and saved some things I did not think we could save. I could never repay our families for what they did for us. I am so thankful that God is a great God and that so much of our stuff was not ruined. We are so fortunate. Thank you for everything it helped us so much. I have never been so tired in my entire life and I know all of you were the same way. All we can say is Thanks.

Wednesday my Mom left and it was lonely. But Thursday my in-laws drove up with Tyler to help me finish working on some things. I was so glad to have my son home and I am thankful that they made it there safe and sound. They had to drive on some scary roads as the ice got there sooner than expected. Messy situation. We woke up the next morning to a winter wonderland but the sun came out and the roads were driveable but afternoon. We went to get a late lunch/early supper and pick up some things at home depot. That night we finished some things and they had to head home Saturday morning. Now was the time to countdown till the hubs homecoming! That was the day I got the phone call that he was headed home!!!!


TryItMom said...

Congrats on the move!

Cris said...

Bless you honey! You are a strong and an amazing woman. I'm so sorry for the loss of your home.