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Monday, October 3, 2011

Gym time

Today Tyler started a mommy and me gymnastics class. I was so excited that he was finally old enough to sign him up! He did pretty good! He struggled at first. Tyler's idea of gym time was I am going to run all of the gym like a wild man. HA HA! He had a hard time doing all the warm ups, not because they were hard he just didn't want to sit still through them. He wanted on the wedge's, the bar, the beam, and anything other than what we were doing. The class will very good for working on his patience though. He has to learn to wait till his turn. Overall though he did so good. He was great at the rolls and he needs a trampoline at home now. He loves that thing. He had so much fun on the bar and the beam! I was exhausted from doing it with him! HA! He cried so hard when we had to go! I am so glad he loved it!

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