Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marriage Retreat and Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we were all in Nashville all weekend. Jon and I had a marriage retreat that was sponsored by 1-33 Cav's Chaplains. It was a amazing weekend. The retreat was a great getaway from all that has been going on.

Friday after my blood test Jon, Tyler and I had lunch together and shopped all afternoon together. After my bad call in Target we went and checked into our hotel. We were staying at a Embassy Suites and it was amazing. Our room was HUGE! We unloaded the truck and unpacked our stuff put things away. We also made some phone calls and sent some text out letting everyone know the results we had received. We had dinner scheduled for 5 so we headed downstairs and started fixing our plates. Our food was so yummy!

After dinner we had a session scheduled. They had childcare provided for everyone for all the sessions scheduled. We took Tyler upstairs to drop him off and they had a room for the younger ones and a larger room for the older ones. He was crying when we left him which I so hate to do but we both knew we needed this time together. Our session was Session 1 of "A Tale of Two Brains" by Mark Gungor. We own the Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage DVD set and knew it was amazing. We had seen this session several times but it was still very funny and very good for us to hear. We tend to forget so much when life gets so busy. We also played a few getting to know each other games at the beginning. When it was over we headed to get Tyler to find him in with the big kids. He did not like the other room and the younger ones were going to sleep but not our little man! He is a night owl! :) We went upstairs to our room and Tyler took a bath and played in the tub. When he got out we all snuggled on the couch for a little while watching TV and he fell asleep in a few minutes. I picked him up and transferred him to his bed. Jon and I decided to go to bed ourselves because it had been a long day and week.

I woke up at 4 AM with my back killing me. The medicine was sitting in balls on my back and was killing me. I played on my phone for a while and Tyler woke up at 6am. We all played for a little while then Jon and I took turns taking showers and getting ready. Breakfast started at 7 am so we headed down and had a very yummy breakfast buffet together as a family. We went back up to the room and finished getting ready and got Tyler into his game day gear. We all had on our football game day clothes! Tyler had two shirts to choose from and he always chooses daddy's team. Breaks my heart every time! We set up the camera and took a few pictures together before heading down and dropping Tyler off at childcare and then off to our first session.

We started the morning off with Session 2 of "A Tale of Two Brains". Always great to start the day off with laughing. The session is all about how Men and Women are wired differently and think totally different. We also learned how to work together as a couple with the different ways we think. After a short break we started Session 1 of "The #1 key to Incredible Sex". This was a great DVD. It was totally different than what you would think it was about.

We were ahead of schedule and had time before lunch was due to start. We went upstairs and got Tyler and went to our room for a little while before heading down to the lunch spread. Lunch was very good. We convinced Tyler to eat his pork chop with chocolate cake! Bribery works! :) We had several choices. I had some very yummy pasta with bacon on it. Jon also had the pork chop with wild rice. We all 3 shared the one piece of cake. After lunch Tyler went back to childcare and we headed to session 2 of "The #1 key to Incredible Sex". We had the best morning together. We got done with our session early so we were off to spend family time together!

We had from 1:45 till 5:00 to spend together so we headed to Gentry's Farm to go to their family pumpkin patch. It was 8 miles from our hotel and did not take long to get to. The drive was pretty and we passed through Downtown Franklin, TN which our family will be going back to visit. IT is the cutest little town with so many little eclectic shops and fun restaurants. The Pumpkin Patch was so much fun! When you first arrive you start out seeing the real pumpkin patch where you can go out and pick which pumpkin you want right off the vine. Next is the entrance and also a open barn with lots of pumpkins in all sizes and gourds. Also the beginning of the corn maze. It was fun wandering through the maze. Tyler loved running through it holding his daddy's hand. We also played in real Indian tents. Tyler loved the tire swings and all the playgrounds. We rode the hay ride which was really cool. We went right through the cow patch and got to see 25 calves. One who was born 2 hours before we got to see him. SO CUTE! We really had a great time! Tyler picked him a pumpkin before leaving. He picked the smallest pumpkin they had! HA! We tried getting him to pick others but that was the one he wanted. They did not even make us pay for it because it was so small.

After getting back to hotel we changed clothes and got ready for Date night. They provided childcare from 5-10 for us to be able to go on dates! AMAZING! Hubs and I never get to go on dates and were so excited. We went to Bonefish Grill for dinner. It was so yummy. Afterwards we went to a couple of shops and were both exhausted so we headed back to the room. We snuggled on the couch and Jon was watching the Alabama game. After a while we walked downstairs and got Tyler thinking he would enjoy watching the ball game. He was so excited!

Sunday Morning our alarm clock slept in. Jon and I will learn I lesson one day! HA! My child NEVER sleeps in except for sometimes on Sundays. We have missed church a few times because of him not waking as early as his usual time. I woke up and thought it was around 6 and just happened to look at my phone and it was 8. Breakfast ended at 8:30 and our session started at 8:45. We flew to get ready and woke Tyler up fed him some yogurt and took food in his bag to childcare. We headed downstairs and grabbed a small breakfast and went straight to our session. That morning we were scheduled to watch "How to Stay Married and Not Kill Anyone". IT was great and complimented the other sessions we had already seen. At the end of this one it really talked about forgiveness and what it truly meant. He had the audience stand and repeat statements to each other. It was so nice and touching and we cried through a lot of it.

It was so nice to have so much quality time together and be able to reunite our marriage and refocus on it. Neither one of us wanted to go home. We didn't want to leave the hotel. We both enjoyed the weekend so much and was great for keeping our mind off the last month and what we had been through.

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