Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tylers 6 Month Photos

So I am a little or a whole 3 months late posting this but oh well! Our little boy is growing WAY to fast! I can not believe that it has been 9 months since my little fellow came to meet us. God could not have given us a better gift! He is our perfect little miracle! We love him so much and can not wait to be there for him as he grows older and finds all kinds of new things to get into and adventures to go on.

Wow it has been an adventure already! Tyler was a perfect baby when he came along! He never cried he was so sweet and he slept great until he was about 7 weeks old he developed colic and acid reflux. Poor baby cried a lot. My sister informs me that he was easy compared to Ansleigh, but it was still so sad to me. He went from sleeping about 8 hours at night to getting up every 2 to 3 hours and it normally take a good solid hour to get him back to sleep. Dear sweet husband was home to help some, thank goodness! Even through all of this he was a awesome baby! We still could take him almost anywhere. During this time he also got almost chronic diarhea. Through this we tried almost every formula out there to try to help. The Dr. put s on the most expensive that was lactose free and protein free and it made him worse so I pulled the Mommy card and put him back on Enfamil Gentleease and well it did the trick! Note to self: Store brand is NOT the same as the real stuff! Lesson learned and happy baby bottom we had!

At 4 months we had some sad times in this house hold. Tylers daddy had to deploy to Afghanistan. We miss him so much but we are so proud of him for being willling to protect our freedoms! Tyler was too young to rebel any but he does miss his daddy very much! Jon recorded several bedtime stories and we watch those frequently! We also get to talk to him on the phone a good bit!

Since then we have been a growing fool! HA! He was sitting up by hisself at 5 months. He is working on having a mouth full of teeth! He cut his molars first at around 5 months. Yes his 1 year molars came 1st! Then came his bottom 2 front teeth. And last night we cut in both of our front top 2 teeth! Yes both of them in one night! This child does things his way and there is no book to tell him how to do it! He rolls all over the place, scoots on his belly and his back, belly crawls (when he wants to), pulls his self up to standing, and can slide down the couch! We may have a early walker on our hands! But Jon and I were both already walking or should I say running by Tyler age now. Jon has decided he is saving it for when he comes home in a few weeks! So we will see soon!

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