Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tylers First Trip to the Zoo

So last Saturday was a sweet friends birthday so we decided to do something to celebrate. We were trying to think of something to do and, since she has two yound children and I have one and we have no husbands home to help we decided to go to the Zoo. The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is very nice, not the biggest zoo and could use a few more animals but a good zoo. Great for Tylers first zoo experience! Saturday it was super hot, as in 100 degrees and most of the zoo is under trees which made for super humid. We sweated our booties off! Peighton was adorable telling us where to go and what to see. Tyler enjoyed the animals he got to see! Tyler needed a nap and will not sleep without his blanket which left him soaking wet, front and back, and led to him waking up early from his nap. We did the Jungle Loop of the Zoo and the unseen world first and then we had lunch at the zoo which was great for some nice cool air and a little break. After lunch we went to see Grassmere Historic Home and Farm and the African Savannah! Peighton also rode the carousel!

After we were all exhausted we left the zoo and went to find a Babies R Us!! We went to one that was only 2 miles from the zoo in scary part of town that still looked like it was the same building they built in the beginning. We decided not to go in and programmed the Navigation system to take us to the one in Madison, TN. Finally we get there after a little confusion and a adventure and it was nice and new looking! Yeah! I got Tyler some handles for his Avent bottles since he does not want to drink out of a sippy and they had some pajamas that were shorts!!! And Meredith got some stuff for Peighton and Henry as well! Then time for dinner and Meredith chose TGIFridays! It was yummy and then back to Clarksville we went! It was a great day!!!! We always have a lot of fun when we hang out with Meredith, Peighton and Henry!

We also plan on attended the "Ghouls at Grassmere" Family Friendly Halloween Event. Who wouldn't want to go trick or treating at the Zoo? It is October 15-17, 22-24, & 28-30 from 5-9pm. If you are in the area you should attend as well! We are already excited!!!

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