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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finger Foods

So now that Tyler is 9 months old we are moving to more finger foods! Fun and super messy. He does not want you to feed him anymore! HA! He wants to do it hisself! He showed this by stealing a food container and helping feed his self with his fingers. Very cute and kind of frustrating also! I have been making all kinds of new things. Pancakes are his favorite! He loves them. Cheerios are also a new favorite. We like scrambled eggs. I cut up Green beans for him and he shoves hands full in his mouth! Our Dog is going to have to go on more walks because she is his vacuum cleaner! She sits right under his highchair or beside his walker!

Last night I used a recipe out of one of my favorite childrens cookbooks and he loved it. If you have not ever seen this go and look at it "The BIG Book Of Recipes fo Babies, Toddlers, & Children" by Bridget Wardley and Judy More. Its 365 Quick, Easy and Healthy dishes and its done by age groups. Great!!! I cooked Recipe 033 with was pasta! I used little rotini noodles and he loved playing with them and sticking them in his mouth!

Tonight we are going to try Out of the Garden Pancakes out of another favorite Cookbook for children. It is called "the petit appetit Cookbook" by Lisa Barnes. It is easy, organic recipes to Nurture you baby and toddler. I don't love everything in this book but I like most and they are easy.

(Okay this picture is just because I think it is cute! I love when he winks at you!)

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