Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life the past few days!

Our Weekend was kind of boring! Actually it was boring! HA! I had to spend the whole weekend packing and preparing for or trip to Alabama. Packing for a baby, my husband, and me wore me out! I also learned our car is so not big enough!!!! Jon was easy for the most part because he emailed me a list of everything he wanted me to bring home for him to have! Thanks Hubby!!! It makes packing very easy when you know exactly what to get out! Of course I added some things to make sure he had everything he needed! I am the worst OVERPACKER!!! I can't help it!!! I packed poor Tylers suitcase and and then started on mine! I hate packing for myself sometimes! I question everything I pack and of course I overpacked! The good thing is that for the last two weeks I had been making me a detailed list of everything that needed to be packed so late Sunday night I was going through it so that Monday morning I could get up before Tyler finish up and not have to worry about entertaining him and packing. That is too much for one mommy to do! I did pretty good this time I only left two things at home, well at least forgot at home! I left my Iphone plug and things we use to twist in the sand! We also left his walker and jumperoo because I could NOT squeeze them in!
Also Sunday Tyler went to our last FRG meeting for HHC-187th. Got a little bit information, talked with some friends, made some signs for the guys, and dealt with a cranky baby. After the meeting we had dinner with our friends Meredith, Peighton, and Henry! We always enjoy spending time with them and we will miss them over the next month!!!

Monday when we got to Bama we went to my in-laws to celebrate! Monday was there 30th Wedding Anniversary! I am so thankful to have such great in-laws that I love very much! I am proud that they have stuck together for 30 years through the good and bad! Most people now days never make it that far. I pray everyday that Jon and I still love each other as much as the love each other after 30 years! They have done so much for Jon and I and we could never repay them for it! I feel blessed to have such Godly examples in my life. They live there lives for God and give there marriage to him! That is how it is done folks, not always easy but how it is suppose to be done!

For there special surprise all the children minus Jon cooked them dinner. Ruthanne, Candace, and Tim worked hard on Chicken Cordon Bleu. I made homemade mashed potatos and Garlic Cheese Biscuits and Tim made pan fried Asparagus! We set the table really nice and made a great toast to family! What a great evening! It was so special to get to share it with them! For Dessert on my way home I had stopped at The Cheesecake Factory and picked up the 30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake cheescake!!! It was fabulous!!! After dinner and dessert everyone played with Tyler! He even got to spend some quality time with his Uncle Tim that he hardly ever gets to see! They played the piano together! I may have a musician on my hands! He loved it and was actually very good at it! HA!
The Food Spread/Table

This was the best cheesecake I have had EVER!!!
Tyler loves eating at the table now like a big boy!
Tyler LOVED his Mashed Potatoes! HA! We went straight to the tub after this!
After Dinner we also celebrated Father's Day with Bob while everyone except my poor hubby was there! We all decided to go in together and give him some things he needed. As a pastor he wears lots of dress shirts and wears them out fast so we got him one new pretty blue dress shirt, new suspenders and a gift card to go get some other things he needs! Happy Father's Day to the best Father-in-law a girl could ask for!!!!
Later that night I left and went to my parents house where I was greeted by both my parents who went straight to Tylers door! HAHA!!! He was knocked out a sleep so we got him out and took him straight to bed! Then the three of us proceeding to unloading my Jeep who did not have one square inch of free space in it! It took a while and now my bedroom back home is overflowing with stuff!

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