Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh What a Week

OH What a week we have had! It has been crazy! Monday I ran errands most of the day trying to get ready for the husbands arrival coming up VERY soon and I was exhausted when I got home! Monday night Tyler woke up every 2 hours crying! His poor mouth was hurting. Poor fellow! I am so not a fan of this teething process nor am I fan of this missing sleep! My Dad got up with him some of the times and helped! He was just so pitiful!

Tuesday was a much better day! I had a hair appointment at 11 so my in-laws watched Tyler. I went back blond! Its Jon's favorite and I really like it as well! More upkeep but it also holds style much better with color in it! So for now I am loving the new color! Hope Jon likes it as well! We stayed at home that afternoon and I organized my Husbands suitcase again. I put the things I had forgot and they got shoved in other bags into his suitcase and pulled out clothes for him to change into the airport and for our overnight stay together! WHOO HOO!!! TIME WITH THE HUSBAND!!!!! Can you tell how excited I am! I also went through all of his gift bags so I could remember what all I had bought! BAD I KNOW! There is some good stuff in there! I also wrapped his part of his Father's Day and his Birthday present! He may or may not know about most of this stuff! I HATE surprises and I get so excited about what I by him that most of the time I end up telling him before he gets it! Poor guy! At least he gets the good gift, right? But I have done very good this time and I have some surprises and one major surprise! I have kept it a secret for months now! I am probably most excited about his Birthday present. Tuesday I also went through my clothes and separated out and sorted through so I would know what I had! I ALWAYS over pack! Always!!!! Tyler's clothes well they are uncontrollable! That child has the best wardrobe! Lets not even go there! He is defiantly a brand name baby and a huge boutique baby! I heart me some John-Johns! I can't help it! The kids swimsuit is also boutique and he has a towel to match that I monogrammed his name on! LOVE IT! PS LOVE Bailey Boys, Chez Ami, Kellys Kids, Vive Le Fete, Silly Goose, Mulberry Street, Le Top, Funtastia! too, and Pedipeds for shoes! I do not want to know what it will be like to have a little girl! It will be just sad in such a good way!

Wednesday, my Mom worked at home and we took it a little easier but washed clothes, fought naps, and then we went early to church so that I could help my Mother-in-law with church's children's program this Sunday! They are doing "Patch the Pirate" and it is going to be so cute! I have always loved helping her with musicals! We did a Christmas one together during Jon's last deployment and it was so precious! I can not wait to see the final production Sunday night! They will do great and be so adorable!

Thursday, morning we woke early to take my Mom to get her hidden wisdom tooth cut out! :( Tyler entertained everyone in her Oral Surgeons office! He was great as always! He got a little sleepy and I used the Iphone to play Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on really low volume and he sat and smiled away! Thank goodness for a Iphone and Itunes! Works all the time! Mickey is the only show he likes and he LOVES it! I am pretty sure he said mouse in the car yesterday! After her appointment we went and got her prescription and went home! She was very well drugged and needed sleep as did Tyler! So I put them both to bed! HA! Mom slept most of the day which helped. When my dad got home he babysat Tyler so that I could take my Mom to get her hair done. She had scheduled it way before her surgery and would never get another appointment before vacation so we went on! But we had fun talking with the ladies!

Friday, Mom was still home but feeling much better and not drugged! Tyler played then went down for a nap and I relaxed in the big tub! Much needed! Then Tyler and I went and met up with Jon's family for lunch. Tyler is really learning how to walk holding someones hands! He was moving! So cute on his tip toes! Then after lunch I helped my Mom clean out her closet! Man was this a job! But we got it done! She tried on clothes while I pulled out, separated, organized and placed back in! But She was good and got rid of 3 large trash bags worth of clothes! Now she can fit her clothes in her closet and it is nice and organized so she can find things! Bless her heart she had clothes she forgot she had bought! Then Dad came home and we went to eat at Olive Garden so Mom could have some pasta that was easy to chew and to our weekly Target run!

What a week! I also tanned, done Zumba, and whitened my teeth preparing for the hubs R&R!!! I can not wait to see my husband again even if it is only just for 15 days!

Today I am going to ABC to help my Mother-in-law with the dress rehearsal for the children's muscial! Then I am sure Mom and I will get into a little trouble! It is the weekend! :)

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