Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some of my Favorites Right Now

So I am in the mood to chat so I am going to list some of my favorites right now! Summer time is a whole new season which brings all kinds of new things to have and want! What are some of your favorites right now?

My first favorite is Vera Bradley! Actually it is a favorite all year long, every year! LOVE all of there stuff!

1) The Little Hip Bag. I love this because I can tuck it into my diaper bag really easy or I can wear it crossed over my body for comfort as well. And best thing is my Iphone fits inside! And how cute is the "Sittin in the Tree" pattern?
2) The New Flip Flops. They have a adorable flower on top and are very comfortable! I got them to go with my new adorable swimsuit!

3) The Vera Bradley Beach Towel! I splurged and bought the towel to match my shoes! I love it! It is nice a thick and soft and the pattern is so pretty! And of course I monogrammed my name on mine! Wouldn't need anyone trying to take it away from me! :)
My Next Favorite is T-Strap Sandals! I am a little obsessed with them! They are cute, stylish and perfect for toting a baby around in!
Next on the list I will add a little something for Tyler. I love the Swim ways Baby's Spring Float with Canopy! Tyler is adorable in it!!!
Okay so I have seen so many cute swimsuits out there this year but finding one to fit me and well lets just say some of the baby skin has decided to stay for now! So it must hide the muffin top and well Tyler left me some fab battle wounds, such as Stretch marks that scared because they split open! Yeah they are not pretty and the world does not want to see them! So I found this little Retro Number by La Blanca! LOVE La Blanca! Plus I got to get 2 sizes smaller in bottoms and a size smaller in the top, even though now I wish I had 2 sizes smaller in the top! I got it in black even though it came in some fun colors! Black is always slimming and it looks so cute with my cute Vera Flops and Towel!

Last I broke down several weeks ago and bought "The Bob" Stroller and just let me tell you I LOVE IT! I wish I had never bought a travel system now! If you know me you know I loved my travel system and had no complaints about it and I still don't and still use it shopping some. But this new stroller is like pushing air and you do not feel the child in hardly at all! I just love it! I can not wait for the Hubs to try it out next week! He is going to love taking Tyler out for runs in it!

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