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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Christmas Village

So Yesterday we went to The Christmas Village held at the BJCC the first weekend of November every year! I have been going for many years now and always enjoy it! It is the largest indoor arts, crafts, and gift show in the South. They have over 450 vendors and we had fun visiting them all. nWe were able to find several good finds! We got Tyler several pairs of pants to wear with his appliqued and monogrammed tops. We also found Ansleigh some super cute outfits and we bought my Dad some homemade bread made out of Elijay, Ga.The bad was the crowds. Good for business bad for being there! It was horrible when we first got there but thinned out when the Alabama/LSU game came on TV. Thank goodness! All in All we did have a good time! The Good News is I am now in the Christmas Spirit! I am ready to decorate the house, bake all kinds of yummy baked goods, make candies and cookies, and celebrate our Lord and Saviors Birthday!

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Tricia Loves Makeup and Fashion said...

oh my word, that looks like a lot of fun! Those chocolate and caramel covered apple looks amazing!
Can't wait to see what you bought