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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Today we pay respect to all our Veterans past and present! Please take time to Thank a Veteran today for all that they have sacrificied. These men and women suffer through more than we will ever know for us. Men and Women sacarifice a year at a time away from there familie, homes, and the life they know to go and fight for our freedom and for peace for our nation. Most American forget the sacrifices that have been made for this country. My family has got to experience some of these sacrifices and I would do it again and again. My Veteran, My soldier, and My husband loves what he does and does it for our county. He has always wanted to be a soldier and does his job well. Thank you honey for all the sacrifices you make and the danger you face so that we can live in a free county. You will always be our brave soldier! Some Veterans have paid the ultimate cost for the price of our freedom. 6 months ago we lost a very close friend, Kyle Comfort while fighting in the war in Afghanistan. Everyday I think about his family and what Brooke and Kinleigh must be still going through. Please keep this family and all the families of our Fallen Heros in your prayers.


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