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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Verdict is In

Sunday morning Tyler was nice and woke up at his usual 7:30! Yay for not waking up at 6:30 since the time changed. Now only if he would go back to sleeping till 9 or 9:30! A Mom can dream right? I got him up and he played in my bed with me for a little while and I noticed he is not feeling well. He has had a cough since last Thursday but it is getting worse and now he has a low grade fever, congestion, sore throat and a weird rash. Boooo! We decided it was best to skip church to not expose any other children in the nursery. He took a late morning nap, which he has been skipping for the last 2 weeks then got up and we had lunch.

Sunday afternoon my Dad volunteered to drive us over to the new outlets. We have been dying to go but not excited about the crowds. I was glad to go with my Dad because Tyler loves him so I would be able to look! Well we get there and the parking is horrible! Great! Not only is there hardly any spots it is laid out horribly! All the stores are built where they face the inside and parking is rounded around. Another bad thing is there are NO sidewalks around it so you have to walk in the road with a million cars to get to the 4 openings that let you get to where the signs are. It is horribly layed out for strollers and wheelchairs! Also do not think you are going to just run in one store and out because it is more like a mall and the store name signs around the outside are just advertising what stores they have. It is not where the actual store was! We did find some cute things but most stores were not having any sales, especially not GOOD sales. Carters looked liked a war zone and real war zone! They had hardly anything left at all! They did have some sales but the ones in Gatlinburg were much better! Childrens place is a waste of time for me to go in! I really never find anything I want for Tyler ever! Also if you are going for Gap kids do not waste your time! They have hardly anything and what they do have is shoved in the back of the store! All in all I was very disappointed! I think after all the hype and the brand new wear off I will try them out again! Hopefully they will be stocked with actual clothes and good prices next time!

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