Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sick Baby

So this weekend Tyler started feeling bad. I know Sunday it was getting bad when he started wheezing. So Monday morning we went to the doctor and the poor baby has double pneumonia and strep throat. They gave him a nasty shot, I mean he tried to climb off table and screamed bloody murder. He has never cried or moved when they gave him a shot before. It was horrible! It also left a hole in his leg. Poor baby! He also got some antibotics and steriods to take by mouth. Hopefully this will knock it out quickly. He is sad to me! He plays a little while then whines to be held. I like getting in snuggle time but I hate that it is because he feels bad.

So please keep him in your prayers that he recovers quickly!
After the Doctors office. He was chasing Mocha!

Playing in the Tub

He found his Pop Pop's Diet Coke Can and the red line under his eye is from where he found his Mommy's red pin!

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