Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tyler's Santa Wishlist

Tyler's Christmas is almost done and I am so excited! I just need to get him some stocking things! He is getting a present from Mommy and Daddy on Christmas at my parents house and then one at Jon's parents house. Santa is coming to visit our house in January when Tylers daddy comes home! We got special permission from Santa to do it later!

Tyler gifts to come from his Mom and Dad:
For Jon's parents house
For my Parents house

Santa gifts
All His First Craftsmen Gear! So he can help Daddy build things!

Fisher Price Little People Airport ( I found this brand new in box never opened at Goodwill for 3.99, BIG SCORE FOR ME)
Family Ideas

Fabulous Wagon that we can use for many different things

Lolli and Pop Pop have already picked the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair
Aunt Carrie, Uncle Anthony, and Ansleigh want to get him this


Tyler already loves kicking balls! He may be a soccer player like his Daddy!
Find it here
Tyler would also love this

He is a big fan of mega blocks and ships

And loves Trains

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The Brooks said...

Oh, all these toys bring back so many memories!! We still have RJ's PB chair and Payton's... they still love it. The removable slipcovers are the best!