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Friday, March 4, 2011

First trip on New boat

Okay so Tyler has Jon wrapped around his finger. Today proved it! HA! Jon and his dad were going to take the boat out fishing. We had talked about Tyler but I knew he would not get much fishing with him on the boat. But when they were getting ready this morning Tyler twinkled his eyes at daddy and cryed when he took his rod outside and Tyler was in! Jon told me he was taking Tyler so I told him I would come help. I got ready quickly and out the door we went.

We had to stop and fuel up and Jon's dad needed a fishing license. Next we had to go to my parents and pick up the boat. While driving to the river Tyler feel asleep. I thought this is perfect! He will nap and be in a good mood when we get to the marina. Boy oh Boy was I wrong. He did not get a long enough nap and was a little cranky pants.

We put the boat in the water, got out life jackets, loaded the boat, and then took off. The screaming began. The wind was too much in his face and he screamed. Finally he burried his head in my chest and hugged me tight and calmed down. First stop to fish Tyler was excited. He grabbed his rod, held it up, cast it, and reeled it some. I though okay this will be okay. He climbed all over the boat for a few minutes then the sleepyness got to him. He started whining, the crying, the screaming. I was doing all I could do to calm him down. I had never heard him cry like this. Finally Jon and his dad put away the fishing things and we decided to go on a stroll. Tyler sat in my lap and after just a few minutes of the boat moving he gave in and was fast asleep. He slept for a very long time sitting in my lap. The guys fished some more and Jon caught a cute small mouth Bass. Jon's dad even had a really good bite but got away. He bent his hook. We started working our way back down the river and my dad called and he was working by my Aunts and Uncles and he came and met us at there dock. Tyler had just woke up and jumped for him. He though Pop Pop was going to save him from the boat. HA! After that we went back to the marina and loaded up.

All in all it was a good day and Jon was thrilled to have his own boat to take out and enjoy. God has really blessed us! I love great family days together!

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