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Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Weekend

Last weekend was great! Saturday morning even though it was raining my Mom and I drove to Birmingham. We went to the Cottontail Village. We love going to craft shows. Thank you rain for keeping it from being miserable. I hate when it is so crowded you can not move. Jon kept Tyler for the day also! So we were stroller and child free. We wanted to look at this one shop for sure so we went upstairs and straight to her. She was a little of a disappointment this time. We bought several things from her last time but she did not have what we were looking for. We went back and started at the beginning of upstairs. We did find some great stuff. I got Tyler the cutest appliqued shirt and matching shorts for Easter for really cheap. My mom found Ansleigh some cute little gingham shorts for $5.00! I found a really cute black wooden bracelet that I had my initials carved in so you see them in the natural wood color. My mom got some great sterling silver jewelry pieces. We had some yummy lunch when we went downstairs. I found this one shop that had these amazing magnetic boards. Of course I had to have one. I got one that is a recipe board to go in my kitchen. It is a beautiful color of turquoise and they tied a red ribbon on it for me. It also came with 2 magnets and a free recipe card. So cute. They also had a prayer request board that I loved and I am regretting not picking it up. Thank goodness I have a business card so I can order it later.
After shopping at the craft show we headed to run a few errands to finish up for my sister-in-law's shower that mom and I are throwing. We got a great couple of finishing touches and then we drove home. My in-law's, husband, and son were waiting on me for dinner. We had pizza and cheese dip. It was great and nice to curl up on the couch with the hubs for a little while also.
Sunday Morning we got up and went to church. Tyler was such a entertainment that morning he was helping us all get ready. Jon was meeting with someone before church so everyone left before Tyler and I but we still were on time! WOOHOO! Tyler played in the nursery with his grandmother and Jon and I got to go to Sunday School together. It was so nice having him sitting by my side again. Sunday school was great. We read and discussed John 17. So great reading Jesus prayer to God the father right before he was crucified. After Sunday School I went and checked on Tyler who was doing great! I got a quick hug and kiss and off to church I went. Church was great! I love hearing my Father-in-law preach. He preached out of Ezekiel 43. The theme was :
It is not what happens to us that shapes us into who we are. It is how we respond to these events, life, that determines the direction of our life (who we become).
It was a great message to hear. We really all need to let God's glory destroy our pride and The majesty of God destroy our willfulness, and the Holiness of God destroy our self-righteousness.
After church I went to get Tyler to find out that he had only napped for about 20 minutes before waking up. I was worried we were in for a rough afternoon. We rushed home because Jon's parents had invited the church over for a drop in party to have the opportunity to talk and catch up with him. It was so nice. We had yummy hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken. Lots of yummy sides and desserts. Tyler was so good. He was so sleepy but he sat in his pack and play and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a long time. Then I heard him talking to his da da over and over so I rescued him and he played his heart out.
After the party we packed it up and came over to my parents house to stay for two weeks. We got here and Tyler played a little while and that is when we noticed Tyler was running a fever and starting to wheeze. We took his temp, gave him Tylenol and ran a warm bath. While he was playing we were discussing what to do. I was afraid Cares was going to be super packed on Monday and I didn't want to sit in the ER all night. We decided to try Stringfellow. It was actually great. We had no wait and they took super good care of him. After chest x-rays and a flu swab they came and let us know he had bronchitis. My poor baby. He got a nasty shot and was so good. He laid real still for everything. I was so proud of him. He also got a antibiotic and some prescriptions to take with us. He went to bed when we got home pretty easy but did not stay that way long. We had a long night and Jon put him in the bed with us finally and he slept really well. But poor Jon got Tyler the spider monkey all over him all night and did not sleep well. Tyler needs a king size bed just for him. He moves constantly. We however were sleeping in a full size bed. HA! What you do for your children. I would do it again any day of the week for my poor sick child and so would Jon.
Please pray he recovers quickly.

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