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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday and Our not so Happy Tuesday


I hope everyone has had a great Fat Tuesday! I hope you had some yummy Cajun food and some yummy King Cake.

We did not get to have any of the above. We spent most of the day in the ER again with Tyler. Poor guy had severe diarhea and I was really worried he was having a allergic reaction to one of his meds for his Bronchitis. His wheezing is getting worse and not better also. This ER experience was not the best. However our son was a ANGEL! He let them do everything and did not cry or pull away one time. Such a big boy I was so proud of him. He amazed every nurse that came in to do something to him. We had a horrible doctor though. He did not want to see us to start with and said he had a list of peditricians for us. I informed him that I had already checked and no ped's doctor would see us for just a one time visit. I told him we had a urgent care place that we normally went to but we were coming back here since it was were we had to go Sunday night. I was so frustrated to start with. He said he was going to run a bunch of test and come back later. We sat there for a few minutes and a girl comes in a needs to swab his nose for RSV and the flu and swabs his tush to see if something else was causing diarhea. Then we sat forever! Finally the Dr. comes in but only to tell us he had thought he had sent in all the test but they never left his computer. So we waited some more then they took him back for another chest x-ray and a few minutes after getting back a lab tech came in to draw some blood. She could not see any of his veins so we decided to try his finger. She needed a pretty full tub to run a culture and protein. He did so well. He never flinched. He sat and just looked at her the whole time. After the first tube she needed one more but his blood flow was slowing down. She was able to get out enough to fill it up. We sat, again. Then another lab tech came in to tell us the second tube the blood flow was to slow and there was a blood clot and they could not use it. So they had to stick him again. About 20 minutes later the Dr. finally comes back to inform us everything was negative except the x-ray confirmed the Bronchitis still. He gave us the option to change his antibiotic since the other was causing his diarhea. We both have laughed that he would think we would not want to spend more money on a prescription that would help our son. I didn't care what I had paid and that I was paying for another one if it would help him feel better. He also thought he needed a cough syrup and gave us a prescription for his raw tush. What a day. So glad it is over and that he went to sleep really well. I was so scaried since he got no nap today. We are praying he feels better tomorrow and his tush will start to feel better really soon!
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