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Monday, March 7, 2011


Please say a prayer for Tyler. He has Bronchitis. He had some chest congestion and a cough. We had been watching him and was thinking it was from teething. Last night he started wheezing and was running a fever so we decided we would act quick and take him to the ER to keep it from being really bad. After some test we found out Tyler had Bronchitits. We got a shot of Rocephin and some antibiotics. We also got a prescription for a antibiotic and a steriod. Tyler has had a better day but it is still sick and has a mean cough. The steriods are making him have very yucky diapers as well. Pray for no diaper rash.
Also please pray for my sister. She was not feeling well yesterday either but thought it was because she needed sleep. She went to the doctor this morning and she has the Flu, Strep Throat, Ear Infection, and a Sinus infection. She must be miserable. Poor thing! She needs prayers for healing and quickly. We are hoping she is feeling better so that this weekend we can go see her, her husband and her daughter.
We can not wait to see these guys. Jon, Tyler, Me, My Mom, and My Dad are heading down thursday night to see them hopefully!

We are also hope to go see this place Saturday as well! Jon has never been and we are so excited to take him. I can not wait for Tyler to get to ride some of the kiddy rides as well. Plus we have met all the characters so no need to wait in those long lines!

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Jen said...

Sending lots of prayers for Tyler and your sister! I hope they both get better quickly.