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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Counting Down

Counting Down

Next Tuesday Jon, Tyler and I are driving to Pensacola Beach! I can not wait!!! We can not wait!!!! We have all been so ready to go to the beach for a while now and so glad it can happen now. Jon is really excited to relax in the sun since he is getting ready to deploy and last years beach trip was not so fun for him since he came down with Malaria.
We are staying at the Pensacola Navy Base Tuesday through Saturday. Tuesday and most of Wednesday we are going to have family time just the three of us and then Jon's parents are joining us on Wednesday night through Saturday for a St. John family vacation.
We are excited about the Navy Inn! It has stairs down to the "beach" which is actually the bay but it is where the bay and ocean are meeting and the water is still really pretty. It also has the white sugar sand beach as well. We will of course drive over to the island to visit the real beach while we are there as well.
 Food!!!!! We love to eat at the beach. So much yummy food. Our favorite is Flounders on the Pensacola Beach and we will be eating there at least once! I love that Tyler can play on the playground and in the sand while we relax at our table. So much fun and the food is fantastic! We also eat at Landry's even though it is a chain the food is so yummy and we do not have one close to us. Many more restaurants that we love to mention.
So we will keep you updated next week to all the fun we are having. 

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