Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fishing Weekend Number One

Fishing Tournament Number One

Saturday Jon and one of his friends were fishing in the Hulmes Bass Classic so Friday when Jon got off work we headed to Paris Landing. We checked in to our hotel and then headed to meet Jon's buddy for dinner. We went to this great restaurant called Fresh Market. The food was very good. There are not a lot of choices in places to eat this is a very small town but this was a good one and we will be back very soon to eat there again. After dinner Jon got his fishing stuff ready and then we headed back to the hotel. We all put on our swimsuit and headed to the heated indoor pool. It felt amazing and I could have stayed hours. Tyler and Jon were having a blast as well. We finally got Tyler to get in his little round float and he realized he could have so much fun. That boy was kicking and moving his arms like he was a major swimmer. He even would jump in off the side. He really had fun and we had a blast watching him kick an splash around. It was also nice because he could touch in the shallow end and walk around and Jon and I could sit on the bottom and watch.
Saturday morning Jon got up at 2am to be able to get ready and meet up at the Marina. They were a little early. Of course! They got all the paperwork done and got the boat in the water. They were boat #8 for the tournament. While the guys were doing all this Tyler and I were sleeping away. We woke up at 7:45 am and got up and got ready and picked up some of the things in the room. We went downstairs and had breakfast and checked to see the pool was open. Sadly it was not and check out was at 11am. We packed up the room and watched some cartoons and checked out right before eleven. We headed back to Paris Landing State Park and went to a playground. Everything on it was so hot it was burning little Tyler's legs. He would cry that it was hot but he wanted to play. We decided to leave and we were going to go to the outdoor pool but it did not open till 12 and people were lining up a hour before to make sure and get a chair. We decided that was a bust as well. We drove back to Paris, TN and drove around. We found downtown which was pretty nice. It had tons of fun boutique shops and some fun little restaurants. I love boutique shops! :) We left downtown and went driving a little more. We found Wal-mart and decided to walk in. It was the nicest Wal-mart I have ever been in. Super nice layout and super cleaned and organized. We only grabbed a few small things and then we headed to go eat some lunch. Tyler said he wanted "duck" so I tried to stop several places and they were all no go's to him until I drove up to Captain D's and he was so excited. We had some lunch and then we got in the car to drive to the Marina. Tyler fell asleep in the car and I was happy. We sat in the car with all the windows down and I read on my Kindle while he slept in the car. We waited till daddy was pulling back up to the marina for us to get out of the car. Tyler was so happy to see all the fish. He kept saying Bass over and over. Everyone was enjoying watching him and all his excitement. They guys unloaded the boat and got the fish out to be weighed. They did not have the day they thought they would but they had a lot of fun and did catch fish. That was the main goal.

 After cleaning the boat up some and getting Jon's fishing gear back in our car we started heading home. Jon was driving and started getting to sleepy so we pulled over to switch drivers. Jon was starving so we stopped at old school Dairy Dip. We got burgers and fries and Tyler of course got his favorite "duck". It was pretty good but not amazing. HA! The ice cream did look great but we resisted and headed home. Jon and I were exhausted and he was totally sunburned. Tyler wanted to play on the boat and so did Jon. They did that and I came inside to do some things and I fell asleep. Jon and Tyler came in and we got him a bath and in the bed and we both went to sleep. We were so tired but had a fun weekend together.

Sunday we spent the day relaxing. We had to go to Wal-mart for a few things for the boat and Tyler had a blast. He found him some baseball items. He was adorable. He also found him a toddler couch and even needed daddy to sit on it. When we got home the boys played on the boat and did a lot of cleaning on it. Jon and Tyler also played in the back yard for a little while when it was not sprinkling. Tyler smile wins my heart every single time. 

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Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!