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Friday, June 1, 2012

Lake Barkley

Lake Barkley

Mid April Jon, Tyler and I took off to Lake Barkley to stay for the weekend. We headed up on Friday afternoon with the boat in tow. We had a little incident on the interstate when we were driving up. Jon's center seat of his boat (that was connected) flew out and down the interstate. Poor Hubs! When he got to it a transfer truck had ran over it and it was in a million pieces so no more center seat for now. The rest of the drive went great though. We got checked in and our room was really nice. We were excited! It was kind log cabin looking. Lake Barkley State Park Resort is a great resort to stay at. After unpacking we had dinner at the restaurant located on the resort. It was very good. Tyler enjoyed the fried catfish and sitting by the window staring at the lake. Then we hung out at the room and got Tyler a bath and we all went to bed.
Jon and Tyler got up at 5am to hit the water in the boat. I however slept in. It was great! When I got up and got ready I headed to the restaurant to get some breakfast. I ate by myself and enjoyed the view. It was also nice to look out the window and see Jon and Tyler on the boat fishing. I got breakfast to go for my boys and they picked me up on the dock. They ate on the boat and then we went for a little ride and the boys fished a little more. We stayed till after lunchtime then we put the boat back on the trailer and we drove to Land Between the Lakes to go visit Patty's Settlement. Jon said the food was okay but I thought it was fantastic. The Settlement was really nice. Tyler loved seeing the animals, especially the pigs. We also played on the playground for a while and then we played putt putt. All 3 of us started but I had so many things in my hands it got really hard so I just took pictures and followed the boys around. We also went and looked at all the boats that you can race. Patty's has a lot to do and a little bit for everyone.  We then headed back to Paris Landing and the boys did some fishing from the walkway and rocks. Tyler also played on the playground. We had a great day!
Sunday morning the boys got up before the sun again and headed out fishing. After I got up and dressed I text them and they came and met me for breakfast. We all enjoyed the time together. We took the boat out for a few hours before it got so windy we could hardly function. We loaded the boat on the trailer and finished packing and loaded up the truck and headed back to Clarksville. It was a great weekend spending lot of family time together.

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