Thursday, June 7, 2012

Walker at 28 Weeks

Walker at 28 Weeks

Today I am 28 weeks and 5 days. Hello Third Trimester! This pregnancy is going so fast.

Sleep is starting to get hard. I normally sleep so hard that I am fine but in the last week and a half I am waking to have to go to the bathroom at least once and I often wake up when trying to roll over. I also stay hot which makes it hard for me to sleep.

Swelling is happening. I am no where near as swollen as I was with Tyler at this point which is nice. I am mostly swelling if I am standing out in the heat of the day or by night fall I have some swelling in my feet. My hands also swell during the night when I am sleeping and get very stiff. I am also having trouble with my hands falling asleep off and on all day and night. So weird but doctor says it is from the heat.

My doctor has had me on two week appointments for most of my pregnancy so that she can keep check on me and that nothing bad is happening. So far we are doing pretty well. I do have Gestational Diabetes again and have had a few struggles balancing out my sugars but yesterday my doctor thought my numbers looked great. She is hoping this slows some of little mans growing down a little. I have one more appointment in two weeks which is right before our two weeks of vacation then after that I will go to having 2 non stress test a week and weekly ob appointments with ultrasounds to check my fluid levels. I will be around 32 weeks then.

Walker is estimated to weigh in around 3.5 pounds right now. A average baby weighs around two and a quarter pounds at 28 weeks. I have a big boy. We had a good laugh that Tyler weighed 4 pounds and 15 ounces at 34 weeks when he was born. I believe Walker will be much bigger. Crazy! Walker is also measuring a week and half early and she will be inducing me at 37 weeks for sure (She says if he is not already here) to keep me from having a c-section. Good thing is his head is measuring at a normal size for his age.

Walker is sitting very low on me and he is also head down now. He is a very active little boy and a great kicker. He loves to show different parts of his sticking out of my belly. We have seen a head, a butt cheek, a foot or two, and his little hand. So funny!

Walker's nursery is still in progress. We have done a little bit here and there. I have a few things ordered and I am waiting on those to complete a few craft projects and I am also waiting on the husband to hang a shelf in the laundry room so that I can finish removing some items from the room. I am ready to fold baby clothes, finish hanging clothes, and putting away receiving blankets and swaddle blankets. So fun!

I have gained 14.5 pounds so far and my doctor is proud. She says it is all baby and chest. I have taken most of my clothing that I wore when pregnant with Tyler to Once Upon a Child because they are too big or have only the lower waist on them. I can not wear anything if they do not have a tummy panel because he is so low and it hurts me.

Yesterday at my doctors appointment they did all my 28 week lab work and I also got my weekly progesterone shot. I also got my RhoGAM shot since I am RH negative. That shot is straight from the devil. It did not hurt when I got it with Tyler but holy cow it was bad yesterday. After drawing my blood and then two shots I felt super weird and had to sit down and I passed out in the chair. We thought maybe my sugar was low but it was in normal range. I think the shot just knocked me out. I was okay after a few minutes and I drank a lot of water.

Jon and I are still so excited that God blessed us with this little miracle boy. We are also praying everyday that everything stays well and that he remains healthy. 

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