Monday, June 4, 2012

Random Weekend

Friday morning I worked on laundry and some other cleaning. Jon got off around 1 and we headed to Nashville. We needed to return a boat radio and case that was a no good and Jon needed to pick up some things for his two upcoming fishing tournaments. Tyler was so excited when we arrived at the fishy store. We returned our items and did some shopping. After some shopping we headed to the The Aquarium restaurant for some yummy dinner. It was so good and Tyler loved looking at all the fish in the aquarium. After dinner we headed home.

Saturday was clean up Walker's nursery day! We put some stuff away in the attic, Jon got the pack and play down and we made room for it in our bedroom, and I started going through things. Jon and his little helper started putting the bookshelves together and cut up two pallets to go as the backing for the shelf. Walker's room is nautical theme and the wood on the back of the shelf is so cool looking. We only had enough pallets to get on shelf done so we have to collect two more pallets to finish the other one. I also got some of the baby clothes hung up in the closet. We got the old dresser and several bags of stuff taken to the salvation army and managed to run some errands. Jon also put the crib together. Overall we got a lot done even though his room is far from done. At least progress was made.
Sunday we had some more projects that needed to be done but some little boy wanted to go on the boat and his daddy did not want to say no. So Sunday afternoon we got out on the boat for about 5 hours. Daddy caught some fish and even let Tyler reel one in and helped him get the hook off. Tyler held the fish all by his self and throw him back in the Lake. We all had fun times. I got a little burnt because I grabbed the spf 10 for myself instead of the spf 30 sunscreen which I would pay for later that night. After we got back we headed to get Tyler a haircut and swap a shirt Jon got for another size. Tyler looks like such a big boy now. My sugar dropped really low that night and I got really sick. I ate something and laid down in the bed. My sunburn had a fever and I was freezing. I was asleep before 8. Thankfully I woke up this morning feeling much better and most of my sunburn has turned brown.

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