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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly Randoms

Weekly Randoms

-Thursday, May 31st a sweet friend of mine gave me a small baby shower for little Walker. It was at a really fun restaurant in town called "The Looking Glass". The food was so yummy and Walker got some fun little gifts as well. I had a chicken salad sandwich and some yummy waffle fries. Meredith was also nice and shared a dessert with me so I could have a small portion and not kill my sugar. They make all the food in house and man it was yummy. Thanks so much Meredith!! Walker and I enjoyed ourselves very much and we are so thankful.

-Monday, June 4th I had another Growth Scan of little Walker. This time I was so excited Jon and Tyler got to go. Jon had not seen Walker since I was 8 weeks. Of course Walker was precious as always. His face is so sweet and he is going to be a big boy. Walker is measuring a week and half early. He was estimated to weigh almost 3.5 pounds. Good thing is his head was normal! THANK GOODNESS!!!!

-We are counting down till block leave. All 3 of us are ready for some time just the 3 of us hanging out and relaxing. We are also so excited to go to the beach also. 12 days at the beach will be AMAZING!!!! We are praying Walker stays put in my tummy and we are so glad Jon can go back and enjoy some time since last year's beach trip he had Malaria. This is one of our favorite places in the world to be and so thankful we can go on a long trip to the beach before Jon deploys.

- I love that Walker's room is coming together. Jon has a few ideas up his sleeve that are going to make this room look so cute! I have to get some of the art made and finish up a few things. I have the letters for his name and nautical scrapbook paper on the way to make it original. Jon is going to hang a paddle on the wall and use twine to hang his name from the paddle. We are also probably this weekend installing the new video camera monitor system in Walker and Tyler's room.

- Jon is so excited that he gets to fish in a fishing tournament this weekend and the next weekend. That man sure does love being on that boat and fishing up a storm.

- In less than 3 months I will have a 3 year old! How is Tyler growing up so fast? His speech is growing more and more every single day! He is really talking up a storm and know almost all of his colors now. He comes to tell us he has on red shoes or blue shoes. I love it! The temper tantrums are getting better too because he is not as frustrated with not being able to tell me what is wrong. Now he can still throw one when he is told no to something he wants to do. Tyler is also a sugar-a-holic. He would eat Popsicles all day long if we would let him.

-End of July we are planning a fishing Birthday party for our big guy! We are doing it early so that daddy can be in attendance and hopefully before baby Walker arrives. 

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