Monday, November 28, 2011

Our week, Catch Up

Last week was a crazy. Lets rewind to the Friday the 18th. Jon worked a little over a half day and then headed home and we loaded up and drove to Nashville/Cool Springs. Jon's unit was having a marriage retreat and we were lucky to get to go participate in it. Check in was from 3pm-5pm and we got there a little before 4. It was at the Embassy Suites in Cool Springs again and we got the room right next to the one we stayed in the last time we went. Ha! I unpacked us and hung up all our clothes while Jon and Tyler played a little chase. I love staying here because the rooms are so big and it has a separate large living room and a large bedroom so we have plenty of room to spread out. After unpacking and getting ready for the night we headed down to let Tyler look at all the fountains. Then we ran into a couple with a little girl a little older than Tyler and the two of them had so much fun playing together and running a little. From 5-6:30 we had dinner scheduled so we headed in the dining room and the food was so yummy. They had it set up really nice as well with a cool fountain on the food table as well. After dinner we had to take Tyler to childcare upstairs. It was amazing we put his name tape on and he ran straight in and never looked back! We both just stood looking that had never happened. We headed downstairs for our two sessions scheduled that night. The Chaplain did a great job and we enjoyed our time together. At 9:15 we picked up Tyler and headed upstairs. Tyler took a bath really quick and then headed to bed. Jon and I started watching the Oklahoma State and Iowa State game and of course Jon fell asleep because he said it was boring then all of a sudden it became a super close ball game and I got so in to it I could not sleep.

Saturday morning we had breakfast from 7:30 to 8:30 and then child drop off from 8:30 t0 9:00. Breakfast was a yummy buffet that we all enjoyed then we headed to our room to finish getting ready for the day and dress Tyler in his clothes for the day. Then we went to childcare and were hoping for the same thing from the night before but Tyler was one of the first kids and cried a little. We had three sessions to go through that morning before we got out at noon for lunch. The sessions were great and we talked in detail about each love language. Lunch was great they had it all set up for us and we enjoyed choice of two meats and two vegetables and a yummy salad. We also had 4 different desserts to choose from.

After Lunch we had the day off to do whatever we pleased. We had a long week so we wanted to rest some but decided to hit up the mall for a little while and a outdoor store. Tyler fell asleep in the outdoor store but we were able to get him back in his car seat without waking up. Then I got him out and back in the stroller at the mall and he slept for 3 hours while we were at the mall. It was AMAZING! Jon and I enjoyed walking together, talking to each other, and window shopping. We ended up not buying a thing. We were looking for a few gifts but could not find anything we were looking for. Oh well, we still had a wonderful time. When we were walking to the truck Tyler woke up. Perfect timing. We headed back to the hotel and watched some football, played some chase, played with airplanes and cars, and then played a round of monopoly together. Tyler loved the game for a little bit then he lost interest. When dinner time came we went to the Athletic Club restaurant in our hotel. We got a great booth and they had lots of TV's with lots of games on. Tyler wanted to watch Bubble guppies on my phone and we were fine with that. We ordered a appetizer of queso dip and it was amazing, like Jon wanted to like the bowl amazing. He ordered Buffalo wings and I got chicken fingers for Tyler and I to share. Both were very yummy. After dinner it was getting rowdy with the Tennessee vs Vanderbilt game on we chose to go back to our room. We watched some TV, Tyler took a swim in the tub, then we all headed to bed. We were of course watching football again. Jon fell asleep and I got caught up in 2 football games that kept me up. What a great weekend for college football.

Sunday Morning we had to get up and be at breakfast by 7:30 because we were having a worship service at 8:00. We made it! The childcare was not provided for the worship center and we were a little worried but Tyler did good till about the last five minutes but that was fine I just took him back up to the room to get him ready for the day and then took him to childcare. We had two sessions back to back to finish up and then we filled out AAR's to help the chaplains out. After checking out of the hotel we headed to the Opry Mill's Mall. The Sun & Ski store has opened back up and we wanted to check it out. Then Jon was starving so we headed to the Logan's that had just opened up. Lunch was very good and Tyler acted nicely. Next we headed back to the Bass Pro Shop to wonder around. The store was a zoo. They have a wonderful Christmas set-up this year. They had a carousel, cars that you could flip, a race car track, a train track, shooting practice, and of course Santa Clause. They give you a free 4x6 so a lot of people head over. The other side of the store was calmer, HA! Tyler had fun playing in the tents and riding some 4x4's. We picked up a few things we needed and then we headed home.

After getting home we unloaded the car, put some things away, cleaned up a few things and then Jon was dying to go to Starbucks. We loaded up and headed to Starbucks and then we went to Target to walk around and enjoy our drinks. We wandered through all our favorite sections including the Christmas Section. Tyler enjoyed riding a radio flyer bicycle up and down a few aisles and then Jon bought him a talking Lighting McQueen. After Target we went home for good and had dinner and then our normal nightly routine.

Monday, I got up and started cleaning some before my friend Meredith and her children came over for a couple of hours. The kids had fun playing together and we ate frozen pizza for lunch. After lunch the kids played some more and we enjoyed talking. The boys soon got sleepy so they headed home and I put Tyler down for a nap. While he was napping I worked on cleaning and got my big Christmas Tree put up. I was amazed that all the lights worked and I did not have to replace one strand. Woo Hoo! After Tyler got up from his nap he felt a little warm to me but I didn't know if it was teeth or something with the cough he had. We played a little then I finished washing some dishes and bottles and had to start dinner. Jon called and we chatted a little on his way home. When he got home we unloaded a table he brought to use for Thanksgiving. We ate dinner, watched the Dancing with Stars finally, Tyler took a bath and then we put him to bed. Little did we know it was going to be a long night. Tyler woke up after midnight screaming. He was burning up and throw up mucus all over me. I was worried about him and got him some medicine and thought we might should take him to the emergency room. He was screaming and wanted to be held. I laid him in our bed beside Jon for a second and he was out. So Jon said we would just wait. Luckily he only woke up when Jon got up for work. He only woke up then because he was not touching him. I had slept on the couch so Jon brought him to me and he fell asleep on the couch with me till 8.

When we woke up the first thing I did was call to get Tyler a doctor's appointment. Then we got ready and I tried to do a few things before we headed out the door to the doctors appointment. Tyler let me hold him most of the time we were at the office. Which is super weird for him so I knew something was wrong. Also his fever had been over 102 since 5pm the night before and Tylenol or Motrin was not lowering it. My poor baby! When we got called back and the doctor came in she wanted to test for strep and the flu. Plus she wanted to use a neubulizer in office to see if it would help his wheezing. Thankfully it did but the flu test came back as positive. She told me that a lot of times in house flu test have a false positive but she was still going to treat it as if it was the flu. We got a couple of prescriptions and then we headed to the pharmacy downstairs to wait. Tyler was so tired he almost fell asleep in my arms but no luck. After getting the prescriptions we went home and I laid him down for a nap. He slept for almost 5 hours. I used this time to clean in my house and make some phone calls. I also put up a tree in my dining room. When Tyler got up he helped me decorate it. He did such a great job. Jon called on his way home not long after. We ate dinner, watched some TV, Tyler got his bath and medicines, and then he went to bed. Thankfully he slept through the night. I stayed up late doing several projects.

Wednesday morning I only had a few hours to finish cleaning and I needed to cook for Thanksgiving before my in-laws got to our house. I got all my sides mixed up and made a pecan pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie, and a homemade apple pie. I also got some turkey cookies made. Around one Jon's mom and dad got here and Tyler was excited to see them. They brought lunch so we all enjoyed eating together. They played with Tyler and I headed back to the kitchen to start back cooking. I learned how to make a Turkey and got it prepared and in the oven. I also prepared our cajun turkey and had room to get it in the oven as well. I felt accomplished. About four Jon was able to finally come home so we enjoyed some time with him and we waited on the Diggs arrival. For dinner Jon and his dad picked up Old Chicago pizza and wings. We watched some tv and enjoyed dinner together. About nine the Digg's finally arrived and we were glad to see them. We got them all settled in and convinced Tyler to lay in the middle of our bed to sleep. He woke up a million times and throw up all over me. Bad thing was I was so tired I removed everything that was a mess and threw it in the floor and back to sleep we went. It was a rough night but we were ready to start Thanksgiving.

Thursday morning Tyler woke up at about 6:30 am and we got up and went downstairs. I turned on cartoons for him and got the oven going. Once I got the ham in the oven I sat with him for a few minutes on the couch. Then I started getting my food table ready, washed up some dishes, got the breakfast rolls in the oven and everyone started slowly pouring down the stairs. We all ate some breakfast and then I started rotating all the sides until Thanksgiving dinner was ready. My goal was 1pm and it was ready right before. We all gathered around the table to say Thanks and Jon read some scripture. We all got our plates fixed and then we heard a loud thud. Tyler had rolled off of our bed. Poor guy, I got him and calmed him down and checked him out. Luckily he was good we brought him down to try to get him to eat but he was still so sleepy we put him in his room this time and tried for a nap. It was not long he started crying so Jon went up to get him. It had been a long time so I walked up to check and Tyler had thrown up every where. I mean everywhere. I did a lot of cleaning up and at this point laundry had to happen. We finally made it back downstairs and Tyler seemed to be in a better mood. I should probably mention that he was having bad diarrhea all day, like explosive and after the throw up was on outfit number 4. That number grew before the day ended. We all relaxed, talked, and watched some football till almost dinner time where we decided we wanted dessert. We all enjoyed some yumminess and a snacked some more on what was lunch. Later we cleaned up, put everything in the refrigerator and washed up what dishes we could. We all went for a great walk around the neighborhood as well. Later that night we watched Christmas Vacation before falling asleep. Tyler slept in the bed with us again but did a little better.

Friday morning we all got up and had more of the yummy rolls Leah had made then the Jon, his Dad, his Mom and Tyler were playing in the backyard. Jon got out his bow and arrow and practiced shooting in his bag. The Diggs and I went for a long walk through the neighborhood. I got out all the leftovers after that and we all dug in. After lunch we all just sat around talking. I got out a few boxes of Christmas things and started taking down fall stuff. I got the red, white and blue tree decorated and then started on my big one. Tyler was still having diarrhea and had thrown up a few times as well. We all watched the LSU vs Arkansas game and at the end the Diggs and Jon's parents had to leave. They were all talking and worried about Tyler's electrolytes so Jon and I decided we would take Tyler to the emergency room to get checked out. I got his bag packed and we headed down to Gateway. After getting checked in we got a perfect little section were Tyler could play a little and still be confined to us. Then we got called back and got his vitals taken and why were there. He was running a fever again. Boo! We walked back to the waiting room and luckily about the time we sat down we were called to our room. When we got in our room the nurse checked us in then hospital staff came and got our insurance information. We got the TV turned to cartoons and then the PA came in to check on little man. He listened to him and we were glad to here that he had clear lungs and that it was only in his upper respiratory. He also told us that his throwing up and diarrhea were totally normal for the flu-like symptoms. He also said he was not dehydrated at all and everything looked nice a wet. He did want to get some Tylenol in him and wanted him to drink as much fluids as possible so they could give him some Zofran. Tyler did good and drank his whole juice but he did not like taking the medicines and we had to hold him down. The poor nurse kept having to put the zofran tablet back in his mouth because he did not like it but it finally dissolved and then we continued watching cartoons. Tyler also learned how to pull the arms to bed up and down so he did that over and over. After a while we were able to go home since Tyler was able to keep the juice and medicine down. We got him home, got his prescriptions and then to bed he went.

Saturday we ate breakfast together and then we watched football. Jon decided we should go on a little hike so we put on our hiking boats and bundled Tyler up and put him in our Kelty Kids pack. Jon took us through the field next to our house. We did not go far but it was fun. We saw a lot of deer tracks and Jon told Tyler it was reindeer tracks from where they were practicing taking off for Christmas Eve. Not sure he got it but it was cute. Lunch was again leftovers from Thanksgiving and then it was time for the big game. Auburn vs Alabama is a big game here in the South and Jon and I are a split team household. This was also the first time in 7 years that we had actually watched the game together. Well I got frustrated at half-time and went downstairs to start doing Christmas decorating. I got my mantle decorated and several things put on the big tree. I also unpacked my dishes and a few things that go in the kitchen. I was excited about the mantle because this was the first time I had ever had a real mantle over a fireplace. I love seeing our three stocking hanging beside each other. I especially love having Tyler's hanging there with ours. The ballgame did not end in my teams favor but I still love them no matter what! War Eagle!!! Hubs was very happy about the outcome but never said anything to me! :) After the game we played some cards together and hung out as a family. Jon grilled some barbeque chicken and we had some sides to go with it.

Sunday morning we woke up and Jon got Tyler and put him in the bed with us. He is so funny in the mornings. He also finally found his Halloween basket that I had hid. Jon got it down for him and he had fun going through it again in our bed. After getting up we had some breakfast and then let Tyler watch some Bubble Guppies. We were sad to miss church but did not want to risk another child of getting what he had and especially did not want Tyler to pick up any other germs. Jon decided this morning that it was time for me to open my present from him. I laughed and put it off for a little while but he was consistent so I opened it. Tyler helped me which was fun. He got me a Kindle Fire and I love it! He opened his big gift from me as well. I got him a Kelty hiking backpack. He loves his as well and has already started packing it for when we go camping! HA! Tyler loved helping unwrap so Christmas morning will be so much fun! The rest of our day has been just hanging out.

Sorry this post is so long but I never had time last week to really post and I wanted to keep you informed.

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