Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Couch to 5k Day 1

So last night I was disappointed in myself because I was suppose to start couch to 5K and I did not. I still had time but I didn't! I put it off just like I always have. A friend came over for lunch and the kids played together till nap times. Jon was home and we watched a movie together. I should have exercised but no I watched a movie. It was not a movie I desire to ever see again for that matter. Tyler also did not nap. Why would a tired 19 month old nap? He cried and whined. I should have exercised to release the frustration but instead I put it off like every other time. However today I decided I was doing it! I have to get back in shape. I had lost what I gained with Tyler but I have not lost what I needed to lose before I had Tyler. Plus now I have a extra 13 pounds from hormone supplements. Which by the way I only gained 19 with child! Driving me crazy. My clothes are tight and I want this gone. I want to walk in my closet and nothing fit! I am doing it! I am losing this weight! I am getting back in shape! I want to be healthy! I have several health problems that need me to lose this weight. So here we go! Today I did it I did couch to 5k Day 1! I am proud of myself! We did Zumba Sunday and today is the day to do it as well and I am trying to get hubby inspired to do it with me as I type this!

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