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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Military Ball Dress ?'s

Friday night we have a Brigade Ball to go to! I am kind of excited but super nervous because I have NOTHING to wear! I am going to Nashville Thursday to find a dress! Pray I find something and that it does not have to be taken up or hemmed! So here are some dresses that I like and think will look good on my figure.

1. My favorite dress but not necessarily my hubbys.

Picture from dillards.com

2. I like this dress as well especially since it would not be too long.

Pictures from dillards.com

3. I like the look of this dress and I like the grey and it comes in blue.

Picture from DavidsBridal.com

4. I really like the look of this dress and it comes in several color choices so I can find one to match his blues perfectly.

picture from DavidsBridal.com

5. This dress is so fun! I like the flow of the skirt and I want it in the royal blue color it comes in as well. This would be so fun and the rolled hemmed gives me a hope of high heels making it not to long for me.

picture from DavidsBridal.com

6.I like the flowers around the bust and the one shoulder. I am worried about how areas of my body will fit in certain areas of this dress.

picture from DavidsBridal.com

7. This is a dress I love it is also the most expensive of the dresses. But it is gorgeous. The color I am a little worried about. It will have to be the most perfect color pink to look right with his blues.

picture from DavidsBridal.com

So what do you think? Which is your favorite one?

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