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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tyler is sick

So Monday night Tyler was running a low grade fever, we gave him Tylenol and thought it was teething. PS, off the subject, but does teething ever end? Back on track, Tuesday morning when Tyler woke up he still had a fever and had a little cough. As the day went on he got really bad. He started wheezing, struggling to breathe, poop issues, coughing, still fever, super whiney, and clingy. So I called to try to get him a appointment and was told the only way I could get one would be through the advice nurse. No answer so I left a message then waited, no return phone call so I called back and had to leave another message. Two and half hours later they finally called and had one appointment at 3:30. So we got ready and headed out the door. I got there about 20 minutes early and signed in. The place was worse than a zoo. I have never seen so many kids in one office like that. There was one little boy who wanted to scream at the top of his lungs and his mom was busy texting on her phone. Fantastic, or not! Finally some chairs close to the fish tanks opened up and I made a bee line for them. Tyler loved seeing the fish even though he did get a little upset that he could not touch the fish. He loves carrying around fish at home and did not understand why he could not touch these either. Tyler was getting restless and his appointment time had come and gone by 45 minutes now so I went to the desk to check and was told the doctor we were seeing was running a hour and 45 minutes behind but we should be getting a room soon. Tyler was sleepy and sick and was a crying mess. I was trying all kinds of tricks to make him feel better! Another 45 minutes later we got called to a room finally! The nurse took his temperature, weighed him and wrote down his symptoms and said the dr would be in soon. We waited forever. I finally was able to bounce enough to get Tyler to fall asleep. We waited a hour for the doctor to come to the room. And of course she woke him up to check him out. After looking in his ears she told me he had a double ear infection. She also said this is probably the reason he has not been sleeping well for over a week now. Fantastic. She gave us a prescription, checked his O2 stats and out the door we were. We rushed to the pharmacy downstairs to get his prescriptions filled because they closed in 5 minutes. They were super fast and we were out the door and on our way home. Poor guy. Prayers are appreciated. We are hoping this heals fast and does not turn into a respirtory infection.

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