Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Okay so if you know me then you know I always have my iphone on me! I have everything on it! I have everyones phone numbers, addresses, to do list, grocery list, I blog from it, I take pictures of everything from it! I live from it! The sad news is mine turned off last night and will not turn back on! I am really missing it today! I want to get on twitter and it is not the same as on the computer. I want to post the cute pictures that were on it of my adorable child. I want to play words with friends with my fabulous husband. We have really grown to love playing that with each other and normally have at least three games going at a time! Bad thing is I was finally beating him on two games. Like he will not catch up with me, beating him! Man! So today I am morning the loss of my phone and realizing how much I rely on that thing! Thank goodness it was not during the deployment I would have DIED!

So goodbye Iphone 3G and I will be going to get a new Iphone 4 very soon!

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