Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Saturday afternoon I cooked and prepared all the fixings for our Easter dinner. We dyed Easter eggs, made a carrot cake, set the table, and fixed all the casseroles. I was so excited to host a holiday function at our home. This is the first time since we got married that we did not go home for a holiday. We did miss our families very much but we also were excited to spend it as a family.

Sunday Morning we woke up and got ready to go to Church! Church was great! Even though it was severe thunderstorms and the power kept turning off and on. Church was great. It was great to be reminded of what God did for us. I am so thankful that he died for my sin and even more thankful that He rose from the Grave and is Alive!

After Church we came home and turned the oven on and changed clothes. Our friends The Doggette's came over for lunch. They brought a ham and and a yummy sweet potato casserole. I had made a couple other casseroles. We cooked everything in the oven while the guys waited around watching the cute kiddo's. After everything was ready we sat and had a wonderful meal together. Tyler was a huge fan of the sweet potato casserole and some of the other casseroles! He had food all over himself but he got a lot in his mouth also. (We were so hungry I forgot to take pics of the food! HA!)

After lunch Tyler found his Easter basket. Jon ask if he could get into it and we decided to let him have it. He did not want anything else in his basket except his chocolate bunny. HA! He ate the whole thing in one shot. The boy loves chocolate, LOVES chocolate! Then the guys went up to playroom to hide eggs for the boys since it was raining outside. This was a egg hunt fail. Too many toys in the play room so it was a huge distraction and they would not find any of the eggs. Good thing was they had fun playing with the toys so who cares!

So overall we had a great day fellowshipping and eating with great friends and celebrating are Lord Jesus Christ. Later that night Tyler did get into his basket and played with everything.

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