Monday, April 4, 2011

Things I love

Things I love right now.

1. Suave Clinical ProtectionI have used Secret's Clinical Protection since it came out and I like it but it is not cheap. Several people have mentioned this version and i was questioning it. I got a coupon in the mail and got brave. I like it so much better!!!! It goes on not quite as messy and it is cheaper! So Try it! Its so worth it!! Plus you can get it on Amazon Subscribe and Save!!!!

2. Amazon Mom
This is the best thing ever! I am completely in love and it has saved me tons. I love getting free 2 day shipping on everything. I have ordered a lot. We needed a new monster surge protector since the flood and it was $30 cheaper on amazon! Yes, please and thank you and it arrives today! Seriously if you are a mom/dad or grandma/grandpa go sign up!

3. Amazon Subscribe and Save
I know I have talked about this before but I am in love! You can order almost anything and have it delivered to your house in two days for free if you have Amazon Mom or Amazon Prime! So fantastic. You save 15% with the subscribe and save and 15% more if you are a member of amazon mom. I have toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, beauty products, batteries, k-cups and I am sure I will be adding more!

4. MomAgenda's

I ordered my firsts one last fall and fell in love! I keep my life in this thing! It is so nice to have and you can keep everything in it. I love that it has monthly calendar layouts and weekly calendar layouts. It has slots for 4 children under the weekly calendar so you can keep up with all that you need to for them. I use one for Tyler and one for Jon. When I am throwing a party or event I use one to keep up with all that I need to do on what day. It also has a slot to put what you are making dinner every night. I love having so much room to put everything I need to keep up with.

5. Words with Friends

I have always liked this since I had my phone almost but now my husband finally downloaded it! We sit on the couch beside each other and play against each other and even when he is at work! It is great! In Love!

6. Word World
Thanks to my sister for showing us this when we were down to visit! Tyler is in love even more than Mickey Mouse! He has learned a ton of words from it and has started saying quack quack all the time. The duck is his favorite character. Everything is words and spelled out so they get a great learning opportunity! I love that he will sit and watch it!

7. Baby Magic Patty CakeOkay so Tyler gets diaper rash really easy and they are hard to get rid of. His is not your normal ones most of the time they require prescription creams to get rid of it. I bought this because it has no dust. It is little cotton circles that you use only once and wipe on his little bottom. It has helped. We use it especially after a bath or when he first wakes up. So we do not use it every time but it has helped a good bit. So if your child gets diaper rash pretty easy you should go for it and try it! It works.

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