Friday, June 3, 2011

21 Months

21 Months

Tyler you are growing to be such a big boy and mommy and daddy are so proud of you! We can not believe that you are 3 months away from turning two. The time has flown by so fast. You will always be my baby but you are not a baby anymore! You are turning into such a big boy. Mommy and Daddy can not believe how much you are growing and learning every week!

  • You are starting to talk FINALLY! You are getting so good at jabbering and we are starting to understand you more and more!
  • Your favorite thing to say is Ready, Set, Go and you are so cute saying it!
  • You have told me inside in front of the door a few times! YAY! Finally a command!
  • You love watching Word World. Dog and Duck are your favorite and you point them out every time they are on the tv. So cute!
  • You are really enjoying Mocha now. You chase her around and talk to her. I even think she is liking it.
  • Since the warm weather is here your favorite thing is to be in the pool.
  • Last week we went to the park and it was the first time you played all over all the equipment by yourself. You were such a big boy climbing up, sliding down the slide and walking all over it.
  • Your favorite at the playground is still the swing! You will stay in it for hours and cry when we take you out.
  • You are obsessed with buckling buckles. You will sit and play with the buckle on your stroller and car seat for hours.
  • You really love stacking your blocks in your room.
  • You are getting really good at playing with puzzles. You love the ones with sounds on them. You repeat them over and over.
  • Books are a favorite toy now too. You really like the ones that play sounds also. You like noise for sure!
  • You are not the biggest fan of crayons on paper but you love your crayons in the tub and do some great scribbling all over the bath tub!
  • You are a red headed little boy and are a feisty little boy. Mommy, Daddy, and Tyler are working on this. You have a temper and temper tantrums are in full force.
  • You still love your big boy bed and sleep so well in it! Mommy and Daddy love this!
  • You are trying (finally) to drop your milk bottle at nap time. Mommy is so thankful for this because we need to get rid of your bottles.
  • You can walk up and down the stairs now without our help. You love holding on to the railing and walking up and down. You are a pro on our stairs and so proud of yourself.
  • You are getting really good at driving your power wheels jeep. We need to work on steering but you are great at hitting the gas pedal.
  • Some other new words are whoa and uh oh. So cute!
  • You are becoming a pro a casting your rod and reel and Daddy is LOVING it! We can't wait to see you in water in action. The first time you catch a fish your daddy is going to go NUTS!
  • Your motor skills are so great that is where all your focus is and we can see it!
  • You love to play with balls! You will run with them and yell at us BALL!
  • You have been eating really good for mommy and daddy lately also. You have even started eating out of plates and bowls without dumping them as well.
  • You are now a cookie monster and can not get enough cookies. You would eat a case of them if we would allow you.
  • You are still in LOVE with M&M's and still run daily to the pantry and say m's. We are suckers and always give you a few on the table just like you like it! HA!
  • You love saying Hi to everyone and I mean everyone! We talk to everyone we pass. You also like saying bye! Yesterday you made mommy laugh so hard I had to call daddy and make him laugh also. You picked up daddy's lunchbox and ran to the door and told me bye! I guess you were going to work also!
  • You were a 6 extra wide in shoes. Such cute little fat feet!
  • You are wearing 9-12 month shorts, 18 and some 24 month Jon Jon's, and 18-24 month shirts. You also are wearing several 12 month outfits from last summer that I bought and never fit you. HA. You can also wear some shorts and a lot of shirts from last summer.
  • Your favorite shoes are your crocs. You love them!
  • Your favorite food is Chick-Fil-A and pizza.
  • You have started cutting your 2 year molars early! It is making you a cranky pants! :(
  • You love cars. We have a bag of them in the diaper bag, a box of them in your room, a bucket of them in the living room, some in the tub, and one in the pool! You love racing them with your daddy!
  • You love praying before our meals with Mommy and Daddy now. You will hold our hands and get so excited!
Thank you for being such a great boy for mommy and daddy! I love how much you have grown since you were born. You were so tiny and as much as I miss those days sometimes I am loving playing with you so much now!

Happy 21 months Tyler!!!!
Love Mommy and Daddy

PS. I have already started planning your big boy room design and started getting things for it! I love your bedding and love your theme! Your room and your birthday party them is Pirates and the colors are Aqua and Red!

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