Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wedding Post #5

Wedding Post #5- The Beginning

We had such a great morning getting ready together. We had a amazing parlor room that sweet ladies from the church had set up. They did such a amazing job! It looked so cute and they had a coffee machine for us and fruit and cheese trays! Yum! We only had one thing go wrong. One of the other girls dress had a broken zipper. When we zipped her up it split apart and the prongs were all broken so we could not get the zipper back down. We had to literally sew her into the dress. Poor thing! I felt so bad for her. After everyone was ready we started taking photos up till right before the wedding. I can not wait to see the professional shots they are going to be amazing!

The Parlor Room

Getting Ready

Sweetest Moment of the morning! The love of a mother and daughter on her wedding day!

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