Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Breakfast for Toddlers

Breakfast for Toddlers
Lately we have been trying some new stuff for breakfast. On the weekends Tyler eats with us. I normally make Pancakes, French toast, Eggs & Biscuits, etc. He likes it a lot. But during the week I do not make breakfast. I eat a little something and Jon is already at work. I make and send a breakfast sandwich with him to work. So I have been trying to figure out new things for Tyler. He is a little tricky because he wants to eat all day but in small meals. He is a big grazer and has always been this way. So we let him eat what he wants and then save the rest for when he is hungry again. It is what works for us.

GRADUATES® Breakfast Buddies™ Hot Cereal with Fruit – Apple Cinnamon

I picked up a few of these one day and he loves them. He will only eat 1/2 a bowl at a time and normally a full container of yogurt.

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Some morning he just wants a piece of toast. He gets a little butter and sometimes a little cinnamon sugar. He also likes cheese toast.

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What do you feed your toddler?