Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding Post #4

Wedding Post #4- The Cake

My mom and I made Candace and Phil's wedding cake for the. It was an adventure. My mom is a pro! Seriously a pro and makes the best cakes ever! My mom and dad came and got me and Tyler the weekend before so that I could be there the whole week and we could work on the cake.

Photo from Martha Stewart
This was our inspiration photo but the bride wanted all white cake. Monday we started making the daisies. My Mom was cutting out the base and i was rolling the yellow balls. We used egg cartons and fondant forms to place them in and to shape the sides. Tuesday I finished making the other half of the daisies. We made 215 daisies total. They were actually pretty easy to make. Wednesday I baked all the cakes. We made a 2 6 inch cakes, 2 10 inch cakes, and 2 14 inch cakes. Thursday between the two parties I had to go to I made 6 recipes of buttercream icing. Thursday night my put the crumb coat on the cakes, let it dry and then worked on icing them. Friday night during the rehearsal dinner my mom was working on finishing icing all the cakes. During the rehearsal I called her to let her know that we needed two more 6 inch cakes so she baked them as well. When I go home I helped her work on the icing and helped glue all the yellow centers in the daisies and then all the daisies were placed on the cake.

Saturday my mom and dad delivered the cake to the reception venue. It was so cute and the bride and groom loved it. It tasted so yummy also!


candace said...

the cake was so so amazing!!! we both loved it! Thank you( and Mrs. Fair) so much for all the work that went in to making it:) love you!

JB said...

Christina, you and your mom are super talented! That cake looks AWESOME and delicious to boot!

Great job. What a lucky bride.