Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Post #1

Wedding Post number 1- Bridesmaid Luncheon

Thursday morning Candace and her Mom had planned our Bridal Brunch. Mary Ann hosted it at her house. It was so nice getting together with all the girls and being able to fellowship together. Candace was already starting to glow. Her and Phil had gotten their marriage license that morning and she was so excited!

Mary Ann had a yummy spread of food. She had fixed Paula Deen's French Toast Casserole, Egg Casserole, Lots of fruit, and yummy breads and bagels. She did such an amazing job it was all good and we all ate until we were stuffed.

After we ate Candace gave us some lovely gifts. She had hand painted these adorable reusable bags and made us some fantastic cards. She had a few more goodies as well. It was so sweet of her to give us those.

Overall we all had a wonderful morning fellow-shipping together and celebrating Candace and Phil's relationship.

Daisy Balls

Some of the Fruit

Candace and one of Phil's Grandmothers

Candace, Her Flower Girl Margaret, and Katie

Candace talking to all of us

All the Bridesmaids minus one opening our gifts from Candace

Our Wonderful bags she painted

Candace's Mother-in-law, Faith & Candace's Mother, Mary Ann

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