Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Friday afternoon when Jon came home from work we decided at the last moment to go to stay the night in Nashville for Father's Day. We throw our things quickly in a bag and jumped in our car and headed to Nashville. Our first stop was at one of the malls to do a little shopping. Jon got some cute things at his two favorite stores Abercrombie and Hollister and I found some really cute things on super sale at NY & Company. After the mall it was time for dinner. All three of us were starving! We decided to have dinner at TGIFriday's. We had not eaten there in a long time and it was so yummy. Their Jack Daniels BBQ sauce is so yummy.

Next stop on the Agenda was to go check in to our hotel room. We stayed at the Alexis Inn and Suites. We got our room, unloaded the car, and then decided to head back to Bass Pro Shop. Jon loves going there as well as Tyler. Jon shopped for some lures that he has lost in the last couple of weeks and then we let Tyler look at the fish in the tanks. This is his favorite part and normally has a fit when we leave. We left right before closing time and headed back to the hotel. Jon and I were exhausted but Tyler was not. He played around, we gave him a bath and then we finally got him to lay in the bed between us with milk and his blankets. He finally feel asleep as did both of us. Tyler woke us up at least once every hour. He didn't always wake up but one of us did. He woke up at 4am for good. Jon slept in and I let him, after all this was his father's day gift. I was so tired. Tyler wanted to take another bath for about a hour. The hotel has breakfast included and we had a little kitchen so I went and got a little of everything for all of us and we sat at the table and had breakfast together. It was pretty good.

After breakfast Saturday morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to the outlets in Lebanon, Tn. First stop was the Ralph Lauren outlet. Tyler was crying in his stroller and wanting out. He was so sleepy. Jon did find two shirts he had been wanting. Next we hit up Gap and looked around. While in here Tyler gave in and feel asleep! He needed to get some sleep so we stayed for a while and wondered around to all the outlets. They had so many good deals.

We loaded sleeping Tyler in the car and drove down a few exits to stop at a shopping center. I needed to go in Target (Super Target) and Jon wanted to go into Dick Sporting Goods. Since Tyler was still sleeping we laid him in his stroller and had fun walking together. We also walked through TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Ross. We really enjoyed walking through Homegoods together! We have not done that in a long time!

At this point we were starving so we loaded back up and went to Mall of Green Hills to eat a late lunch at Cheesecake Factory. That place is always super crowded. ALWAYS! We had a hour wait at 2:30 in the afternoon. We have been to several Cheesecake factories many times and I have never seen one that stayed crowded like this one. Oh well! After getting our table we had a great time. We ordered 2 appetizers to share: the fried macaroni and cheese and the crispy Crab wontons. They were both so yummy. We decided to share the chicken salad sandwich because it is so big. We made a great decision because we still had leftovers. Jon got to pick dessert since it was Father's Day weekend and he chose the Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake. It was very good. Tyler shared off of all our food with us. His favorite was the crab wontons! He could not stop eating them! HA! He also dipped all his french fries in the chile sauce that came with it!

After dinner we returned to the Bass Pro Shop for one last time. We wondered around for a little while, picked up a few things then loaded up and headed to Clarksville. When we got back to Clarksville we stopped at Toys R Us to let Tyler pick up some presents he liked. We are trying to decide of Birthday and Christmas gifts/wish list for him. Jon and Tyler had a blast playing with many riding toys. (Tyler loves stuff that moves!) He was also digging the Water Tables and we had to drag him from the train table (good thing Lolli and PopPop are getting him that for Christmas).

Sunday morning we had planned to go to Church but our alarm clock woke us up at 8:45 and church starts at 8:30. Yes our child who is up no later than 7 every morning woke us up late. We were all tired from the day before. Jon decided he wanted French toast for breakfast. I had bought Texas toast earlier in the week because I knew that was what he would want. It is his favorite. I made him chocolate syrup to top it. All 3 of us enjoyed it! :)

Sunday afternoon we took Tyler to the park to play and we stopped and got some yummy Zaxby's for lunch. We also went to the mall for a little while. Tyler loves going in the bookstore and playing with all the different tables. Later that night for dinner I cooked Hibachi steaks and Fried rice, also one of Jon's favorites!

So Overall We had a great Father's Day weekend!!!! Hope your was as well!!!!

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