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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby and Toddler Favorites

I decided that I would make a list of some of my favorite things for baby and some are for toddler. It has been so fun searching and finding the best things for Tyler. Hope you enjoy

1. Crayola Tub Crayons

These are so wonderful! Tyler loves coloring all over the tub with them! They wash off so easily! Just wipe down! We had some drawings stay on for 2 weeks because I thought they were cute and I washed around them! I know bad but hey it was my child's first art work! It still wiped off no problems! Love them!

2. Bob Stroller

BEST purchase we have ever made! I love this stroller and use it all the time for everything! I am amazed at how well it does on every landscape. It is so light and very easy to use. I wish it could be folded with one hand but that is a little thing that hardly matters with everything so easy. It is pricey but it has been worth every penny and more to us. Tyler loves sitting in it and sleeps VERY well in it because the hood pulls down so far. When we have another child we will be purchasing the double! IT is just to great of a stroller and I love it!

3. Britax Car Seat

We (I) searched for the perfect convertible car seat before Tyler was even born and decided this was the one I wanted. Jon liked it as well and we ended up getting it as a baby shower gift from my grandmother. Tyler has loved this seat since the first time he sat in it! We converted him when he was 9 months old because I could not carry the infant carrier any longer and he was getting so uncomfortable in it. He loved it! Even now if it is the house he will sit in it like it his chair. We have been so pleased with how easy it cleans up and also at how fast it installs. Great car seat! Another one that is worth the money!

4. Tiny Love Mobile

We went through 3 other mobiles before I bought this one. Tyler loves it and we are the bad parents that still let him sleep with it. He will not go to sleep without his mobile. You can not leave it at home he is not going to sleep without it. His toddler bed looks pretty funny with a baby mobile on it but I do not care as long as he sleeps! I like that you can when baby gets older take off the mobile and just use the music box and it also has a night light on it. It does not eat through batteries as fast as you would think either. We have enjoyed this very much and Tyler even turns it on for his self at night!

5. Moby Wrap

I love my Moby wrap. I still use it and still love it! It holds a baby up till 35 pounds! They say it is a typical 3 year old. I can say my 27 pound almost 21 month old still loves being in it! It has so many positions it is great! I love the hip hold now that he is older because it helps hold the weight instead of just with my arms. We got the moby wrap through our NICU in Phoenix. Tyler was so little and so fragile and they would not let me leave the hospital to fly with him without some kind of wrap to carry him in. I bought one and my mom bought me one and we could not figure out either and both were recommended for babies 8 pounds and larger and well he was 5 pounds. So one of our doctors brought this in a sold it to us at her cost. I was scared to death of this thing but she wrapped herself up and did jumping jacks with my precious little guy on her. I figured if he was not even bouncing it was safe. So I tried and we walked the NICU with him and I loved it. So I flew across the country from Phoenix to Atlanta with him in the wrap. I feed him in and kept him tucked tight so no one could breath on him. That wrap saved me many days because he has such bad reflux and needed to be held upright that I would wear him most of the day. If I laid him down he screamed. I Will use this with my next baby and I am happily still using it with my toddler. I now buy this for friends as baby gifts as well because I love it so much!

6. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

I had one of these when I was little girl and loved it so naturally I wanted Tyler to have it as well. Jon and I got it for him for his 1st Birthday and he loves it. We keep it in our living room and he plays with every single day. He puts stuff in it and pushes it around, he drives it, we push him around in it, something every day! Great purchase!

7. Mooshu Trainers

I love these shoes. Yes they have squeakers in them and no they never bothered me. They did however help my sweet boy get off his toes a good bit. He was a big toe walker which can destroy the leg muscles so I wanted to help teach him to get him off those toes. He loved hearing his self squeak. He would stomp his feet and smile at us. So cute!

8. Melissa and Doug

We are big fans of this company and all there fantastic toys! We have lots of them. I love all the wooden toys and they last forever.

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