Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RIP Sidney Simpson

Last Monday morning I was woken up to phone call I did not want to hear. My dad called to let me know that my grandfather had passed away. He had been fighting a hard fight with cancer. 2 years ago he found out he had colon cancer when he had a colonscopy and has been fighting since then. He had a hard fight to fight and was willing to fight for life till the end. A week and a half before he died when he had his Dr.'s appt they had told him there was nothing else they could do. His cancer had spread greatly. He had many tumors in his liver, one being over 7cm in size, and it was covering his spine, his ribs and both of his lungs. What a stong man and my grandmother was one strong women! She was by his side every moment! She did all she could and more to help him and be there for him. Please remember her in your prayers as my family as she deals with the love of her life being gone. Also her health is not very well so please pray that she will now be devoted to taking care of herself.

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