Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Two and half weeks ago we had to make the decision to either buy a crib tent or convert Tyler to his toddler bed! We looked and talked about both options. I even spoke to our pediatrician about it. Tyler had learned how to climb out of his crib and we were worried he was going to hurt his self. The crib tent is a little expensive and he will be two in a few months and we would convert him anyway and he does not like to be confined at all so we were scared when we tied it up he was going to freak out. Jon was off on a Friday and we just went for it and rearranged his room and converted his bed. Tyler was so excited about this move! He loved climbing in and out of his own bed and just smiling away in it. We were still nervous how he was going to sleep in it. He skipped nap that day but it was not out of the norm for him to skip it so we waited till bedtime and he did WONDERFUL. He has had no problems and loves it! We are so happy!

His New Toddler Bed

His Changing Table/Dresser

The Window Wall

Tyler fast asleep the first night

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TryItMom said...

We are contemplating this now. JD hasn't made it all the way out yet, but he gets one leg over and gets stuck. I'm just terrified of him getting hurt, but also of him not staying in bed at night. We've just started to settle into a routine. You've given me hope. Thanks!