Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Product Review

Okay so I am so pale and need some sun-kissed skin in a bad way. I decided I would try this. Bad Decision. Yeah, really bad decision. Worst I have ever bought. It is very hard to spray out evenly and I was streaked. I decided to spray it on while standing in the tub so I could just spray the tub down if I needed to. Apparently I forgot to wash the bottom of my feet and the bottom of my feet were disgusting. It also turned me orange, which I hate! And to make matters worse every time I get in the tub my skins turns the water orange. To say it nicely I do not like it, not at all! So disappointed.

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KM said...

Good to know because I was going to buy that. I wonder if the lotion version is any better. I want a product that does not stink. My aunt told me she is using this brand but not the spray and it works good. I wonder??? She said she gets out of the shower and puts a thin layer of her regular lotion on then puts on the tanning lotion. IDK if that would help or not??? Oh to be the perfect tan person without the tanning part, lol